Madden 20: Running the Jet Sweep

The Jet Sweeps have some new exciting trick plays for Madden 20 – where can you find them?

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

There are some fun new plays in Madden 20. The number of Read Option plays has been extended, RPOs are now available and even the Philly Special makes an appearance. The key theme with these are increasing complexity in pursuit of better results and a closer sense of realism. EA have made a big push to make the playbooks more team-specific and closer to what the real coaches like to call in the NFL.

There will also be more Jet Sweeps in the Madden 20 playbooks. These involve a play with a wide receiver moving in motion and receiving the ball like a running back. In the extended options, the quarterback can run the option themselves, it can be a faked sweep, or a play-action pass.

The Rams playbook is the best to see these plays easily through the Singleback formation.

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This is a much simpler play and doesn’t require much practice. It requires a quicker WR so don’t bother with somebody slow or not very agile. Also, if hit by a linebacker you will be more susceptible to fumbling so think about hitting the sidelines.

Jet Sweep

The quick handoff to the receiver can catch a lot of players out, and as long as you aren’t running into a blitz on that side you can usually gain 5 or 6 yards before encountering a defender.

It is best to run these plays with the likes of Tyreek Hill or John Ross, whose raw speed and agility can carry them to a huge gain. The ball will be handed off automatically to the wide receiver, so unlike the option plays it doesn’t rely on you timing any buttons or making any post-snap reads.

Jet Sweep PA

The play-action jet sweep can be tricky to execute as you are in the backfield for a long time. Against a blitz-heavy defense this is unlikely to be a successful play. It is important you keep your eyes downfield so that as soon as your QB has turned you can fire the ball out.

As they are run from singleback formations it is best to use this with a team like Kansas City or San Francisco that has an elite tight end who can take advantage of the space the play action and motion creates.

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Jet sweeps should not be a staple play of your offense, but instead something to sprinkle in that keeps the defense guessing. Most players fall into a rhythm of using the same handful of plays, with only 1 or 2 runs and 3 or 4 passes. The jet sweep is an excellent counter play if you love to use inside zone runs from under center, while the play action can catch user linebackers off guard and open up a hole for even a poor quarterback to get a completion.


Tom Owen