Madden 20: Roster Update Risers & Fallers – McCaffrey, Gurley, Rivers & more

EA have reacted to NFL form, and some fan pressure, to re-do their roster ratings in the latest update.

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

The great thing about modern sports gaming is the ability for the games to adjust each week to what is happening in real life. Just like FIFA, PES and other sports games – Madden updates their rosters throughout the season based on real life performances.

If you are restarting your franchise, or playing a game on a Saturday night with friends – you may be interested to see who has moved and therefore might be a star player to considered, or a dud to avoid.

High Profile Rises

There were some big names that saw a substantial bump in the rating.

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers (96 OVR) +3

MVP: McCaffrey has been in sensational form this year

Position: HB

Age: 23

Best Stats: Agility (97), Juke Move (96), Elusiveness (93), Acceleration (92), Speed (91)

Christian McCaffrey has continued his breakout from last season and already has the same amount of TDs as 2018; in half the amount of games. A threat both rushing and catching the ball, he has been a stand out player in the whole NFL this season.

He was number one in our list of roster updates that needed to happen and it seems EA listened.

Key stats improved are; Awareness (94,+3), Ball Carrier Vision (91,+5), Carrying (92,+2), Catching (82,+1), Elusiveness (93,+1).

Terron Armstead, New Orleans Saints (94 OVR) +5

BRICK WALL: The Saints LT has been a monster this year

Position: LT

Age: 28

Best Stats: Pass Block Finesse (96), Pass Block (94), Run Block (89), Strength (89)

Sitting at 7-1 despite injury problems, its clear the Saints are having a great season. And that’s in no small part down to the great offensive line play. The Saints are top 5 in preventing sacks allowed so far this year and it starts with their offensive line leader, Armstead.

Key stats improved are; Awareness (95,+2), Pass Block (94,+3), Run Block (89,+3), Pass Block Power (93,+6), Elusiveness (93,+1).

Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings (93 OVR) +3

FANTASY STAR: Dalvin Cook has been swinging leagues this year

Position: HB

Age: 24

Best Stats: Agility (94), Juke Move (95), Elusiveness (92), Acceleration (92), Speed (91)

Its been a breakout year for Dalvin Cook. He is averaging 5.1 yards per carry and has 9 TDs whilst leading the league with 894 yards on the ground.

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This is a major reason why the Vikings sit with a 6-3 record and are the 3rd best rushing team in the league. Cook was already pretty highly rated, but his exploits so far this season are impossible to ignore.

Key stats improved are; Awareness (92,+6), Ball Carrier Vision (93,+1), Carrying (92,+2), Catching (82,+1), Elusiveness (92,+3).

High Profile Fallers

Likewise, some players have dropped down the rankings in the latest roster shakeup.

Trent Williams, Washington Redskins (93 OVR) -2

HOLDOUT: Williams is yet to take a snap this year, but is fully healthy

Position: LT

Age: 31

Best Stats: Strength (95), Pass Block (92), Run Block (93), Impact Block (94)

There’s a lot of drama surrounding Trent Williams this offseason. First of all holding out all preseason and then well into the season. The Redskins held firm in not giving him a new deal and then he returned to the team at the deadline to ensure his contract remains valid and he gets paid.

What has added complexity is that he has reported he had a cancerous tumour removed from his skull, which was part of the desire for more financial security. From a pure performance perspective, I think this down rating would be just because he has been playing – he’s still rated as one of the best OL in the game.

Key stats declined are; Awareness (93,-5), Pass Block (92,-1), Pass Block Power (94,-2), Run Block Power (90,-1).

Todd Gurley, LA Rams (88 OVR) -6

FALLING STAR: Gurley has been a disappointment this year

Best Stats: Agility (95), Acceleration (91), Speed (91), Carrying (90)

Despite being on of the best HBs in the NFL the last few years, it was clear towards the end of last season that Todd Gurley was being chosen to play less and less. Whether this was to protect him or because he’s out of favour, we can only speculate.

From a performance perspective, even though the Rams are doing OK, its not through Gurley. He is averaging 3.9 yards per card – 1 yard less than last season. He still has 7 TDs but this is clearly extrapolating to be less than the 21 he had last season.

Of all the players in the list, Gurley is the most affected from a gameplay perspective and would make the Rams a much less desirable option.

Key stats declined are; Ball Carrier Vision (87,-6), Elusiveness (84,-7), Juke Move (89,-4), Carrying (90,-3), Stiff Arm (89,-3).

Philip Rivers, LA Chargers (87 OVR) -3

VETERAN: Rivers has been feeling his age lately

Position: QB

Age: 37

Best Stats: Play Action (94), Short Accuracy (94), Mid Accuracy (93), Deep Accuracy (89)

This is an interesting choice by EA, as Philip Rivers actually leads the NFL with 2,609 yards passing. He has had 7 interceptions which at this point of the season is close to how many he had all of last year. With this, the Chargers are sat 4-5 and 3rd in their division despite having a talented team.

Often chasing games, Rivers is having to force throws and struggling. It’s something that even he has speculated that they don’t know why they aren’t performing how they should – especially against weaker opposition.

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This feels like a change to the overall, more than anything substantial in his play. He is still a top QB on the game and whilst he has weakness in Throw Power this is actually unchanged.

Key stats declined are; Play Action Pass (94,-3), Deep Accuracy (89,-2), Short Accuracy (94,-2), Awarness (91,-4)

Tom Owen