Madden 20: Oakland Raiders offensive playbook money plays

Jon Gruden has been called an offensive genius, but does his playbook live up to that?

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

The Raiders playbook has been a go to for offensive plays since the return to the league of legendary coach Jon Gruden.

Gruden famously left the Raiders when traded to Tampa Bay for draft picks – and then won the Super Bowl in his first season there in 2002. His playbook favors a strong passing game, with a large amount of variety.

Like the Cardinals playbook, this has a lot of focus on Shotgun plays which supports those with a good passing QB.

The Raiders offensive playbook features plays that are more conventional and don’t rely on unique players such a mobile QB. But what are the money plays this year? Which one’s can you frustrate opponents with and dominate online?



Singleback Tight Y Off – Stick Switch

This is a fantastic play for short yardage situations where you feel the defense is stacking up to stop the run.

With 4 short yardage options, there’s a guarantee that at least one player will be open for 3-4 yard gains. If you can get a WR with superb release stats, they should be impossible to stop on the out route.

Another option is to adjust the TE and WR3 routes next to the OL into drags and get them crossing the field. You should want your QB to throw in the first 3 seconds to make this successful.

Strong Twins Over – Power O or Rollout Smash

Whilst not the most different play, running in Madden 20 is important. Power runs are very strong options for pounding the rock and controlling the clock.

This play, gives you a loaded side, which if the opposition doesn’t read well can open up a huge running lane. If you feel they have read it, or you want to mix it up and confuse them, it can be easily changed to Rollout Smash which has enough protection to get some time to hit your WR when the defense over commits.

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Gun Trips TE – Double In Sail

This is a zone defense beater that targets the gaps between sails and has enough directional differences to confuse even the best of users – they can’t protect 3 passing options at once from a zone!

If you have a top TE, that should be the first read, before reverting to the receivers on the left side of the field at various levels. The ability to dump off to a HB can also be a big gainer when the defense is blitzing a lot. Some shotgun deep passing plays take a while to develop, which means this safety valve is vital.


Gun Bunch – Flood

If you’re chasing the game and running out of timeouts, then getting to the sideline can win or lose the game. In Madden 20, timing your passing plays is important, but that is also how you beat defenses.

In this play, 2 receivers are heading to the sidelines and 1 receiver is making a cut deep in the middle of the field. The timing of the 2 receivers that are cutting to the right will make or break your success. If timing this well, this play can be unstoppable.


Tom Owen