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11 Nov 2019

Madden 20: ALL Online Franchises are down - when will they be back?

Despite the fact online Franchise modes were first reported as having issues over a week ago, fans had gotten their hopes up at the end of this week.

EA reported they were focused on fixing this issue towards the end of last week but further updates have confirmed the problems seem to be worse than first thought.

EA Community manager EA_KRAELO posted this note stating there are people working over the weekend to fix the issues but do that, all Online Franchises will be down until Tuesday, November 12th.

ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO BACK: EA have shut all Online Franchises

Its good to have clarity, and maybe with all Franchises down it will get the recognition at EA needed to get a fix. But with that said theres no doubting this is a PR disaster for EA, and on a game title that is already been under fire.

ANGRY: There are no shortage of frustrated tweets at EA on the matter

There is little doubt that EA have been focusing more and more on Ultimate Team over the last few years, but the recent developments are a worry for the large portion of players that love the journey of taking their team to the Super Bowl or competing with friends across seasons.