Madden 20: NFL Combine final LTD live – packs, MUT cards, & more

The final card in Madden Ultimate Team’s latest promo is here. This is a beast of a player!

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
madden 20 ltd ramsey

The NFL Combine promo is drawing to a close in Madden Ultimate Team.

The 97 OVR Deion Sanders master is a glorious card to own, but there aren’t that many others that stand out.

The last LTD card is now live in packs.

Keep reading to see who it is!

97 OVR Jalen Ramsey

madden 20 ltd nfl combine jalen ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is here!

The Rams corner is the third high-end DB in this promo, so he may not be immediately desirable, but his stats are very strong.

With 94 speed and 94 acceleration, he isn’t the fastest around, but his coverage stats are amazing.

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98 man coverage, 97 press, and 96 zone coverage means he can play in any system you want.

Ramsey also possesses 72 catching to make those all-important interceptions.

MUT Packs

madden 20 nfl combine promo packs

The 97 OVR Jalen Ramsey card is now available in packs.

That means you can get him in any pack you open, but you’ll have to get very lucky.

The 85+ OVR Combine training pack is your best bet.

However, you could empty the bank and still not pull Ramsey.

Toby Durant