Madden 20: MUT Heavyweights offer best value for your coins

Many focus on skill positions, but you need these trench gods for your team to function.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

There is a temptation to spend your hard-earned coins on the best Tyreek Hill or Patrick Mahomes card you can find. Maybe it’s Michael Vick and Torry Holt that takes catch your eye in the Auction House, but whoever it is they will almost always be a quarterback, wide receiver, or maybe a defensive back.

Those positions are important. After all, juking out defenders and making leaping interceptions are crucial to racking up points and winning games. However, these players quickly get extremely expensive, and there is usually a comparable card that you can earn in the Missions, like the 90 OVR MUT Superstars Mahomes or the Superstar KO player of the week at 83 OVR.

What you can’t get so easily is a dominating running game or superb defensive line. There are fewer of these cards out there, with the linemen usually stuck at the lower Core Elite level of 80-82 OVR.

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MUT Heavyweights

This program of cards is the answer to building out your trenches. There may only be 24 players to pick from, but they can protect your quarterback, make holes for your running back, and dominate up front to create turnovers on defense.

You can get one of these players in a Heavyweights Pack, but that will set you back 2,470 Training which is a big chunk of a hard-to-get currency.

Instead, you are best served going to the auction house and spending your coins on these players. The best can be had for a buy-now price of around 145,000 which is incredibly cheap compared to an 89 OVR TOTW Dalvin Cook for example.

The addition of a leading guard-tackle duo can turn your solid HB into a commanding ground warrior that will churn out yards and chew up clock.

Who are the best Heavyweights for you to add to your roster?

Sheldon Rankins, New Orleans Saints (89 OVR)

Position: DT

Best Stats: Awareness (89), Play Recognition (89), Tackling (86), Power Moves (86), Strength (86), Pursuit (84)

Sheldon Rankins, the 12th overall pick in 2016, is the best defensive tackle currently available in MUT this side of the Legends 90 OVR Alan Page card. With 86 strength, 86 tackling, and 86 power moves he can get down and dirty in the middle of the field and crush running games.

Coming in at 118,000 coins on Xbox and 112,000 coins on PS4, Rankins as at least 140,000 coins cheaper than that Page card, making him an absolute steal regardless of what defense you run.

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Shaq Mason, New England Patriots (89 OVR)

Position: RG

Best Stats: Run Block Power (91), Run Block (88), Awareness (87), Lead Block (87), Impact Block (86)

The Patriots star right guard is the perfect run blocking monster for any offense. With a massive 91 run block power and well balanced 87 lead block and 86 impact block he can move anyone and is still solid with 84 pass block too.

With a high Xbox price of 134,000 coins he is perhaps more of a PS4 card, where he can be available around 116,000. Either way though, investing in Mason is far more sensible than say the 400,000 90 OVR Christian McCaffrey Signature Series card.

Michael Pierce, Baltimore Ravens (89 OVR)

Position: DT

Best Stats: Strength (92), Awareness (89), Play Recognition (89), Block Shed (87)

If you truly want a run-stuffing monster than Michael Pierce is the guy for you. With elite 92 strength and 87 block shed he can get to and crush any run. His presence will allow you to play pass with your linebackers and  help create turnovers.

Available for 125,000 coins on Xbox and 120,000 on PS4, Pierce is a much better investment for run stuffing than the 589,000 Willie Lanier Legends card.

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All Defensive Heavyweights

Sheldon RankinsNew Orleans Saints89DT868680
Michael PierceBaltimore Ravens89DT927757
Dee FordSan Francisco 49ers88LE808288
Justin HoustonIndianapolis Colts88RE808675
Calais CampbellJacksonville Jaguars88LE868283
Jerry HughesBuffalo Bills88RE727090
Joey BosaLos Angeles Chargers87LE828391
Kenny ClarkGreen Bay Packers87DT907961
Cameron HeywardPittsburgh Steelers86RE888560
Yannick NgakoueJacksonville Jaguars86RE757586
Linval JosephMinnesota Vikings86DT927246

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Offensive Heavyweights

Kyle JuszczykSan Francisco 49ers89FB757365
Shaq MasonNew England Patriots89RG848884
Quenton NelsonIndianapolis Colts88LG928482
Marshal YandaBaltimore Ravens88RG878785
Tyron SmithDallas Cowboys88LT908483
Demar DotsonTampa Bay Buccaneers88RT827187
Rodney HudsonOakland Raiders87C857787
Joe StaleySan Francisco 49ers87LT878783
Lane JohnsonPhiladelphia Eagles87RT838483
Patrick RicardBaltimore Ravens86FB867871
Ali MarpetTampa Bay Buccaneers86LG838482


Toby Durant