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20 Aug 2019

Madden 20: How to master the Philly Special every time

Madden 20: How to master the Philly Special every

The Eagles' trick play is now in Madden 20. How should you run the play that won the Super Bowl?

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How to run it

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Nick Foles has moved on from the Philadelphia Eagles, but his legacy has been immortalized in Madden 20. The ‘Philly Special’ or ‘Philly Philly’ as they called it in the game, has been added to the Eagles playbook. 

The play, never having been run before, that saw Foles have the ball directly snapped to running back Clement. Clement pitched the ball to the tight end Trey Burton, who passed the ball to a wide open Foles in the end-zone. The play meant Foles became the first player in Super Bowl history to both throw and catch a touchdown. Apparently it was his idea.

The play helped the Eagles defeat the New England Patriots, 41–33, and now you can do it too.


The play is in the Eagles, Dolphins, Falcons and Browns playbooks. Although you can add this to a custom playbook so you can have it in other playbooks mentioned here.

It's under Pistol - Philly.

Heard it here first: The Philly Special will be making its debut in @EAMaddenNFL.

Hear more: https://t.co/ixwRkB78os

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— Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) May 20, 2019

How to run it

Choose between the Philly Special and Fake Philly. 

The Philly Special will run an animation with the quarterback going out wide and the wide receiver coming behind to catch the toss back. The QB will become the RB/R1 receiver in the flat.

The Fake Philly has the same animation as the Philly Special, but the running back keeps it and runs.


The QB's are not that great at catching, so it's worth putting some height (use LB/L1 whilst pressing the throw button) on it to make it easier to catch.

Also, don't overuse this play. The animation makes it pretty clear whats coming. Like all trick plays, once you have run it once, good players will consider it as part of their defensive planning. As we saw in the Super Bowl, these plays work best when least expected!

Finally, this is more effective with a mobile QB as they can do more damage with yards after catch.