Madden 20: How to block properly - Double teams and more

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Blocking is the dirty part of the game.

It doesn't get much recognition when it comes to the Superstars of the game and wider media. A lot of fans struggling to name their teams offensive linemen.


But if you are going to win regularly, you need to have a grasp of this fundamental part of the game. The best players do the below on nearly every play, and its vital to know how to protect your star QB and HB.

A solid understanding of the techniques below can neutralise some of the best defensive plays in the game.

How to Double Team Block in Madden 20

This was added as a patch to Madden 20 and continues the development of sophistication in the Madden blocking system.

This has replaced the pinch adjustment, so you can now target a player on the defensive line that you want to focus a Double Team effort on. This pulls 2 blockers to that player, which is particularly effective when playing a Superstar on defensive.

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You can do this by opening the Pass Protection menu with R1/RB, and selecting the bottom option: ‘Double Team’. You’ll be shown a ‘D2’ indicator that you can move around with the LS, and then lock in your double team target by pressing A/X.


Mainly for passing plays, this option can mitigate a massive threat but it does leave you open in other areas, so use it wisely.

How to ID the Mike in Madden 20 and what it does

This was a new addition to Madden 19 as EA Sports responded to fans desire to be able to chose which blocks they picked up. Essentially, ID the Mike allows the player to highlight a defensive player they think is a threat to pass protection and ensure the blockers aim to pick them up.

M: You can move this icon around to select the 'Mike'

For example, if you think the Nickel CB is going to blitz with the MLB dropping into coverage, you can highlight the CB and change the protection to focus on the CB as the blitz to pick up.

To do this, pre play use LB/L1, and hit the A/X button to ID the Mike. Then move the M icon with the LS or the D-Pad to the player you want to adjust to and lock it in with another A/X press.


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Like everything in Madden, this is a balance of risk and reward. Get it right and your QB will be untouched and have plenty of time to pick his reads.

It doesn't prevent them sending more than 5 blitzers to cause problems, however - although this creates their own risk vs reward profile on the defensive side.

DOUBLES UP: Down on RS here allows you to prevent that strong pass rush

Get it wrong and you will over commit to the wrong area and leave a different area wide open which might lead to the opposite result.

Over the course of a game, learn what plays your opponent is doing, study their defensive choice after each play and act accordingly.


Follow your blockers

Patience. This is a massive tip for running the ball well. It's very hard not to smash the sprint ball from the get go, but that's not how football works.

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Wait for the play to develop, know how the play is going to develop and spot your gap and then use your sprint.

Madden has designed the mechanics so that the change of pace from sprinting is much more important than the sprinting itself. And this year's tackling means that once you are clear its very hard to tackle from behind.

A few stutter steps from receiving the ball actually allows your blockers to get into the planned position and do what they are supposed to do. Then it's about you following, the less jerky the movements the better. Then follow the lanes to victory!

Know your pocket and throw the ball away

One of the most frustrating things with new players to the game, is seeing them run all around the backfield and giving up loads of sacks.


Blockers are in a role to stop defenders getting to you. But if you run 10 yards away, they can't do that. As hard as it is, the safest place is in the pocket. If you have a mobile QB this is another option, but should be the last one.

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Staying in the pocket and learning to throw the ball away (press the RS in when QB) will prevent sacks, which is what blocking is all about.