Madden 20: Beat all the MUT Harvest Dailies challenge with these answers (Ultimate Team)

MUT Harvest Dailies test your football knowledge in order to complete the challenges, do you have what it takes?

The challenges put you in various scenarios and offer you four potential answers to complete the challenge. You will have to pick the correct two options to complete the challenge against the 87 OVR MUT Harvest team.

If you earn three stars in all of the challenges you’ll be given an extra 10,000 coins, along with 4,200 coins and seven gold+ Harvest players. To earn three stars you’ll need to complete the challenges on pro difficulty and competitive mode.


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Here is how to beat each of the Harvest

Sanders Takeover

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GOAT: Can you match Sanders' rushing performance?


In 1997 the Detroit Lions beat the Chicago
Bears 55-20, behind an enormous second half from Barry Sanders. The options
given to you are as follows:

A. Scored a 40-yard rushing touchdown

B. Won the game by 14 points

C. Ran the ball 10 times

D. Scored three rushing TDs in the second half

bolded words are highlighted in red in-game. These are the actual goals, i.e.
you don’t have to run for a 40-yard touchdown, just for a touchdown.

The challenge will ask you to complete one
thing in the first half, and another in the second. To complete the challenge you’ll
need to rush for a touchdown in the
first half
, and score three rushing
touchdowns in the second half

Answers: A and D


Man Vs The King

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SHOOTOUT: QBs galore in this Thanksgiving classic


This time we travel to 1995 and the Lions
victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The 44-38 final score tells you this was a
shootout, and the challenges line up with that. These are your options:

A. The Lions QB averaged one passing TD a quarter

B. Lions HB Barry Sanders rushed for less than 100 yards

C. Both QBs averaged seven+ completions a quarter

D. The Lions won the game by 20 points

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Barry Sanders ran for 138 yards and the
Lions won by just five points, so this challenge will require you to complete ‘A’
and ‘B’, by passing for one touchdown and having seven completions.

Answers: A and C


Records Only Mean So Much

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MOSS GAME: The birth of a legend


This game is one of the most famous in a certain receiver’s career: Randy Moss. In 1998, Vikings rookie receiver Moss caught three passes for 163 yards and three touchdowns, powering the Vikings to a 46-36 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

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These are your challenge options:

A. The Cowboys won by 12

B. Randy Moss caught 3 passes for 163 yards and all were TDs

C. Randall Cunningham had over a 20 yard per pass average

D. Troy Aikman threw less than 20 passes


As you may have gathered, you will have to
have a receiver reach 163 receiving
as one of your challenges. The other answer is you’ll have to have your QB average 20+ yards per pass in
the third quarter

Answers: B and C

From Coach To Player

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APPLAUSE: Jason Garrett's time in the spotlight paid off


Again the Cowboys, but this time a win.
Jason Garrett, now their head coach, started for the Cowboys in this 1994 game
vs the Green Bay Packers. These are your challenge options:

A. Emmitt Smith rushed for two TDs

B. The Cowboys allowed less than 62 yards passing in each quarter

C. Jason Garrett threw for less than 250 yards

D. Emmitt Smith had over 150 yards rushing

Like some of the other challenges, these answers are not very clear. However, Garrett threw for 311 yards and Smith had 133 yards rushing. You will have to rush for two touchdowns on your first two drives, and allow 62 or less yards passing in the third quarter.

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Answers: A and C


Close But No Cigar

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NAIL BITER: The Cowboys fell just short, will you?


The most recent game of the lot so far, the Cowboys hosted the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and fell just short of a win, losing 30-27. These are your options to complete this challenge:

A. The game was played in a blizzard

B. The Cowboys rushed for a TD

C. The Saints won by 7

D. The Cowboys score 27 points total

The scoreline immediately rules out C, as the Saints won by three. And shall we talk about the fact both of these teams play in domes? So A is ruled out. You’ll need to rush for a touchdown in the second half, and score 27 points.

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Answers: B and D



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NEXT SCORE WINS: Can you come up big in OT?


We now go back to 2005, once again
involving the Cowboys. This time they played host to the Denver Broncos but
lost a nail biter in overtime. These are your challenge options:

A. The Broncos rushed for 55+ yards in OT

B. The Cowboys won the game

C. The Cowboys averaged over 100 yards a quarter

D. The Broncos won 24-21

The Broncos won, so it isn’t B and it isn't C either as the Cowboys never touched the ball. You will need to get a stop on defense first, and then rush for 55+ yards on your first drive, and win the game 24-21.

Correct Answers: A and D


Hall of Fame Showdown

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DUAL: Which running back shined on Thanksgiving 1996?

We go back to the 1990's, 1996 specifically, when the Lions played host the the Kansas City Chiefs. The game pitted two future Hall of Fame running backs against one another. These are the possible answers:


A. Marcus Allen ran for two TDs

B. Barry Sanders busted out a 41-yard run

C. The Lions won the game

D. Barry Sanders ran for three+ TDs

This wasn't Sanders' biggest game, he had just 71 yards and one touchdown. He did, however, run for 41 yards in one run. Marcus Allen, meanwhile, ran for two TDs to power the Chiefs to a 28-24 win. To win, you'll need to score 24 points, have a 41-yard run on your first drive and run for two+ touchdowns.

Correct Answers: A and B

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