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09 Apr 2020

Madden 20: Golden Ticket Troy Polamalu is a must-own for MUT players

The Color Smash promo is still going, but the MUT team are dropping more content for us.

The first of the Golden Ticket players are arriving in Ultimate Team. These are 99 OVR players made by fans.

The first three of these arrive today, and one of them will be must-own for any MUT player out there.

MLB Troy Polamalu

Golden Ticket players can be any player that already exists in the game, and one fan took advantage of Troy Polamalu's MLB "versatile" card to create an absolute monster.

polamalu golden ticket

ELITE: A top star has arrived

This 99 OVR Troy Polamalu will play middle linebacker and fly around the field causing chaos.

With 95 speed and 97 acceleration he is immediately the quickest linebacker in the game. That speed comes with 99 play recognition, 98 zone coverage, 97 hit power, and 96 tackling.

Polamalu is going to be perfect to combat the new 98 OVR Barry Sanders card as well as those frustrating crossing routes and even corners.

Other Golden Tickets now in packs

vick golden ticket

TOO FAST: You won't catch Vick easily

Joining Troy Polamalu will be a 99 OVR Michael Vick and 99 OVR Kelvin Benjamin.

Vick will be a nightmare to play against, and Benjamin is tall enough to be dominant in the redzone and on contested catches.

kelvin benjamin golden ticket