Madden 20: EA offers huge deal inside Super Bowl LIV prediction teaser

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The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers square off in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday.

As the NFL celebrates its 100th season it is pretty apt that the losing team of Super Bowl I (Kansas City) and one of the most popular and successful teams ever (San Francisco) are in the big game.

Every year, EA Sports' Madden game puts out an official Super Bowl prediction.


It has occasionally been correct, though rarely has it told the story of just how dramatic the game tends to be.

This year, in the run-up to their official prediction, Madden 20 has dropped a special, and bizarre, trailer featuring who else but Peyton Manning and his newly-retired brother Eli.

Madden 20's Super Bowl prediction

The ad, which features Peyton in the "EA Sports prediction lab," where very serious people in white coats stare intently at charts.


Peyton Manning says the lab is conducting intense simulations about Super Bowl LIV, but that they need your help, through playing the Super Bowl in the game, to get enough data to feed into the machine.

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"The more games we input, the tighter the prediction." This suggests EA is planning to take user data into account for this year's prediction.

This seems unlikely though, as the quick play options in Exhibition mode are still set to the AFC & NFC Conference Championship games.

Madden 20 deal

Patrick Mahomes in Madden 20
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COVER STAR: Mahomes is the face of Madden 20 and Super Bowl LIV

Within this weird ad there is a note that Madden 20 is now 50% off on all platforms, which is a bargain right up there with PS Plus and Xbox Live free games.

EA's official Super Bowl prediction will drop on Thursday, will it be accurate, or will ours be spot on instead? Check back to find out!