Madden 20: Curse strikes again as Mahomes injured

The cover superstar and reigning MVP was felled last night, not by Denver but by the curse!

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The Madden Curse was fading. After a few years of struggling to pick off cover superstars the Curse reared its ugly head and bit hard on the Kansas City Chiefs last night during their Thursday Night Football win over the Denver Broncos.

On a 4th & 1 quarterback sneak Patrick Mahomes, who was already dealing with an ankle injury, suffered a horrible dislocated knee that knocked him out of the game and at best will keep him sidelined for a few weeks.

Teammate Travis Kelce said: “His knee didn’t even look like a knee. It was all out of whack. I couldn’t even describe it.”.

The injury will set the Chiefs back in their bid for a first Super Bowl in 50 years. But for Madden players it is another reminder that the Curse is still a real and deadly thing.

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Madden Curse

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The Madden curse has a long and horrible history. The very first cover athlete, Garrison Hearst on Madden 99, suffered a terrible broken ankle that ended up costing him two seasons of his career.

The legendary Barry Sanders was next on the cover for Madden NFL 2000, only for him to shockingly retire not too long after.

Madden 2001, 02, 03 & 04 cover stars all suffered major injuries or terrible moments in their career and it continued really until Madden 10, when Larry Fitzgerald avoided any injury or slump, but his co-cover star Troy Polamalu did suffered two knee injuries.

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The only time the Curse didn’t really hit home was in Madden 13 when Calvin Johnson dominated the NFL with a massive 1,964 yards after he appeared on the cover. And in recent years the curse has missed Odell Beckham in ’16 and Tom Brady in ’18. It appeared to wake from its slumber this off-season to bring down Madden ’19 cover star Antonio Brown though, and now it has hobbled Patrick Mahomes.

While this won’t affect MUT players, those that like to start up new franchise mode saves or play normal online games will want to switch preexisting injuries off or go into the depth charts before kick off and make sure Mahomes is playing.

With his 81 speed, 96 throw power, and 95 deep accuracy, Mahomes is one of the most deadly offensive weapons Madden has ever created, and it is a shame he is now gone for a while, if not the whole season.

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Toby Durant