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Madden 20: How to protect your QB - Slide with QB and Throw it away

Games turn on the smallest of margins. Only after it's too late will you be sitting there and screaming at your TV, "what's the slide button!".

These are simple things that often end up being the difference between a win or a loss. Money plays often dominate with egos but managing the game is what separates average from the best.

It doesn't matter who your QB is, you need to protect him. And the ball.

How to throw the ball away in Madden 20

Players often want to do everything they can to maintain and extend the play. Running around the back field with their QB, praying that a WR gets open.

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PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Star QBs need to avoid injuries and fumbles


This is part of the fun of Madden, but it all goes wrong when your QB is sacked for a huge loss.

That's the best possible scenario, worse would be an injury to your star QB for being flattened. And finally, they can often fumble and turnover the ball.

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If you watch the NFL, the best QBs will know when to throw the ball away and accept a loss of downs, without losing any yards.

To throw the ball away, just press on the right analog stick in any direction or down and your QB will launch the ball into the stands.

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The skill is waiting long enough to see if anything develops but not so long you get hit.


How to slide with your QB in Madden 20

Over the years, the buttons for sliding have changed, and this year they have made it simpler.

Scrambling is becoming more and more important in the NFL. With the likes of Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray changing the game - you need to protect the ball.

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GAMECHANGER: Lamar Jackson is changing the game, and Madden


Madden 20 has seen an increased amount of QB scrambling, but this has also led to some interesting fumbles. Your QB has low carrying stats and much more prone to fumbles when hit. It's much better to get down way before he even gets touched to prevent a turnover.

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Once you are past the line of scrimmage, you will see the receiver icons disappear.

To slide you just need to double tap X/Square. This will lead to a sliding mechanic that can't be tackled and will stop the play dead. Be sure to let go of the run button (RT/R2) to prevent you doing a dive.