Madden 20 Color Smash COUNTDOWN: Master revealed, candy currency, eggs, challenges, sets, cards & more

The world is locked down, but EA Sports are keeping Madden Ultimate Team players busy with another promo.

The easter promo Color Smash has finally been announced and it looks set to keep MUT players engaged for the next few weeks.

We have all the news about the promo, sets, cards, and of course masters!

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Color Smash release time

Color Smash will drop at 10:30am ET / 3:30pm BST on 3 April.

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It will be live in time for you to crush some Weekend League and dip into packs to earn your master!

Offensive & defensive Masters

Color Smash Master Ed Reed
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TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE: Ed Reed is a turnover machine


We have two masters, and they are some all-time greats.

Iconic safety Ed Reed and running back Barry Sanders are here with huge new cards! Both at 98 OVR, which means they will be 99 OVR when powered up.

There are a host of 96 OVR Heroes that will be really good in theme teams. You'll need three 96 OVR players to complete the Master sets.

Candy currency & packs

color smash currency
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THAT'S A LOT OF CANDY! You will need a bunch of currency to buy these


A new currency is coming in with this promo; Candy!

Undoubtedly this will be how you buy some Color Smash packs and rewards so be ready to grind some new Ultimate Challenges to get hold of some.

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You can grab a bunch of packs. There will be one Color Smash pack for 40,000 coins, but a lot of packs will require Candy to buy.

Easter Eggs

Color Smash Egg Hunt
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Included in that are eggs!


There are small, medium, big, and grand eggs that you can buy which will hatch at different times.

The bigger the egg, the better the reward!

Solo Challenges, Sets, & more

Color smash word scramble sets
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A heap of solo challenges will let you get a 96 OVR NAT Color Smash card.

There are also grindable challenges for letters in that Word Scramble and dailies to get eggs.

Each Word Scramble set can only be done once, and will give you a pretty tasty reward!