Madden 20 Color Smash: Easter Promo Masters prediction - sets, OVR, ratings, & more

As lockdown life rolls on around the world, fresh online content like Madden 20’s Ultimate Team becomes all the more important.

Coming over the horizon is Easter, which means another MUT promo is coming.

Last year’s Color Smash saw 42 cards enter the game. Ranging from 88 OVR to a pair of 99 OVR masters.


The biggest question MUT players have is who will be the Color Smash/Easter promo masters?

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Let's take a look...

Color Smash in two parts

The most recent MUT promos have been segmented. We had the NFL Combine in three parts, Free Agency in two, and Ultimate Legends continue to drip out weekly.

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That means we can certainly expect the Easter promo to hit in at least two sections.

These will probably be broken up into offensive and defensive players. The Masters, one on each side of the ball, will likely hit one at a time too.


Offensive Master prediction

julio jones madden 20
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MASTER: A Julio Jones master would be extremely popular

So, who will be our offensive master?


The name Color Smash doesn't guarantee that AJ Green or James White will be the master, though it does make it more likely.

Instead, it is likely to be a popular player that hasn't got an upgrade in a while.

Julio Jones would be our leading candidate. The wide receiver position is deep, but no one really stands out as amazing just yet. A 99 OVR Julio Jones would certainly qualify.

Travis Kelce is another who players would love. His most recent card was a 95 OVR Playoffs one so he is due an upgrade. However, the Series 6 master is a 98 OVR Delanie Walker, so we might have to wait for a new Kelce card.

Defensive Master prediction

The defensive player is a little trickier to predict. The recent additions of a big Deion Sanders and Jadeveon Clowney card means CB & OLB are unlikely to feature, so who else could it be?

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The RealSport office would love a big JJ Watt card. However, the Texans LE was the Color Smash master last year so EA may decide not to repeat.

It has been a little while since we saw a big safety card come into the game. A 99 OVR FS Earl Thomas would certainly pair well with everyone's 99 OVR Pat Tillman!

Color Smash Sets

jj watt color smash mut
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SAME AGAIN: Or will EA mix things up this year?


Last year the masters were available as set rewards, but you had to work hard to get them.

Each set required four 97 OVR cards to complete. You would get them back as NATs though.

Then both Masters could be added to a set to get Tye Dye versions back and retain the original masters.

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This would certainly be a worthwhile goal for players if they already have a cache of coins to spend!

Easter eggs

Much like the Christmas presents this year, these little treats would come in several tiers as training packs that would turn into players on Easter.

Hopefully they make a return this year.

Color Smash/Easter Promo release date

We expect this promo, probably titled Color Smash, to hit MUT on Friday 3 April at 10:30am ET / 3:30pm BST.