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11 Nov 2019

Madden 20: CFM leagues slowing coming back online, for now

EA have been working all weekend to get the Online Franchises back working with a target of Tuesday 12th November.

Ahead of schedule, but behind in reputation, EA seemed to have fixed the problem and Franchises are slowly coming back online. They tweeted out a confirmation of fix, but still no apology for fans of the game.

SHORT BUT SWEET: Confirmation of a fix, but still no apology

A few leagues replied to the tweet with joy at being able to return to the game, but theres no doubt this has done some damage to EA's reputation amongst CFM players. Although, this might not be of concern to EA.

WE'RE BACK: One of the UK's biggest leagues glad to be back

It doesn't take long to see the criticism of EA hasn't gone away now that a fix is being rolled out. There is a lot of frustration amongst the fan base, and a big concern is that there doesn't seem to be much indication it wouldn't happen again. It's also worth noting that not all leagues are back on line, so there will be a time period of spot-fixing for EA to manage.

NOT HAPPY: Even with a fix, the ill-feeling hasn't disappeared

There is a definite sense amongst Madden fans that this could be make or break for Franchise mode.

If the issues continue, EA themselves could question whether the 'juice is worth the squeeze'.

It's entirely possible to believe they could release future games without the CFM mode, which would streamline their business and reduce cost. The question mark will always be how much would this really affect their revenues?

Equally, they could go the opposite way. Franchise mode has been underinvested for many years and some simple fixes could make a huge difference.

It wouldn't be ridiculous to consider a new commercial model with Franchise players paying a monthly subscription fee, rather than the one-off game purchase cost.