Madden 20: Carolina Panthers Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart, Salary Cap, Free Agents & Needs – Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Luke Kuechly & more

The Panthers are yet to win a Super Bowl but they have a ton of talent. Can you get their first?

The Carolina Panthers have come oh-so-close to a Super Bowl since their inception in 1995. They’ve won 6 division titles and went to the Super Bowl in 2003 and 2015 only to be stopped by the Patriots and Broncos.

That 2015 side was a special team that went 15-1, but since then the Panthers have been very up and down. In 2018 they went just 7-9 thanks in part to a terrible shoulder injury to quarterback Cam Newton.

They enter 2019 in a highly competitive division with a team that has talent but more than a few holes. Can you take over and finally bring the ultimate glory to the Panthers?

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Team Rating

The Panthers come into franchise mode with a 79 OVR rating. Which puts them 7th, tied with the likes of Baltimore, Seattle, and Pittsburgh.

Carolina are a very balanced side, with a 81 rating on both offense and defense. That offensive score sits 11th in the league, tied with three others so they are fairly average there. The defensive score is on the higher side of the scale though. It comes in 5th and is tied with five more.

On the face of it that makes the Panthers fairly average, but there are very few teams as well-rounded and balanced as the Panthers are.

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Luke Kuechly, Middle Linebacker (98 OVR)

Age: 28

Development Trait: Superstar X-Factor

Contract: 3 years/$40.16 million

2019 Cap Hit: $9.96 million

Best Stats: Play Recognition (99), Awareness (99), Pursuit (97), Tackle (96), Hit Power (94), Block Shedding (89), Acceleration (89), Speed (86)

The Carolina Panthers picked Luke Kuechly 9th overall in the 2012 draft and have been richly rewarded for it. Kuechly came straight into the starting lineup as a rookie and was a dominant force, racking up 165 tackles and 2 interceptions as he won Defensive Rookie of the Year. In 2013 Kuechly had 166, 4 interceptions and claimed Defensive Player of the Year as well as his first of 5 First Team All-Pro berths.

In Madden 20 Kuechly is a superb player. He has elite play recognition (99) and awareness (99) to diagnose plays. His tackling (96) is amazing and his hit power (94) can force fumbles. His zone coverage (83) is elite for the position too.

Christian McCaffrey, Half Back (91 OVR)

Age: 23

Development Trait: Superstar X-Factor

Contract: 2 years/$10.19 million

2019 Cap Hit: $4.7 million

Best Stats: Agility (97), Juke Move (93), Acceleration (92), Spin Move (91), Elusiveness (91), Carrying (89), Short Route (82), Catching (81)

Christian McCaffrey was taken 8th overall by the Panthers in 2017. As a rookie he took just 117 carries for 435 yards, a poor 3.7 yards per carry average, but he caught 80 passes for 651 yards and 5 scores. In 2018 McCaffrey exploded though. A 5.0 yards per carry saw McCaffrey hit 1,098 yards and make 107 catches for 867 yards as he found the endzone 13 times.

In Madden 20 McCaffrey is an elite back. His catching (81) is the best at his position while his route running (82 short, 75 medium) is stellar too. McCaffrey has the tools to shake defenders with his juke move (93), stiff arm (91) and elusiveness (91).

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Gerald McCoy, Defensive End (86 OVR)

Age: 31

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 1 year/$8.44 million

2019 Cap Hit: $8.44 million

Best Stats: Strength (92), Play Recognition (92), Tackle (91), Awareness (88), Hit Power (85), Pursuit (84), Power Moves (84), Acceleration (83)

Gerald McCoy was the third-overall pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010 and has been a superb player since. In 9 seasons with the Bucs he amassed 54.5 sacks, 140 QB hits, and 79 tackles for loss. In the offseason he was cut for cap reasons and quickly signed with the Panthers so he could get some revenge twice this season.

In Madden 20 McCoy can still get it done. His strength (92) and power moves (84) will be a problem for a lot of offensive linemen. His play recognition (92) and awareness (88) will keep him in the game while his tackling (91) and block shedding (85) means he will make plays.

Cam Newton, Quarterback (84 OVR)

Age: 30

Development Trait: Superstar X-Factor

Contract: 2 years/$44.3 million

2019 Cap Hit: $23.2 million

Best Stats: Break Sack (95), Throw Power (93), Play Action (93), Throw On Run (88), Short Accuracy (88), Acceleration (88), Awareness (88)

The Panthers picked Cam Newton #1 in 2011. Cam started from week 1 and threw for 4,051 yards and rushed for a massive 706 yards and 14 touchdowns as he claimed Offensive Rookie of the Year. Over the years Cam has run less, but he is still a constant threat on the ground. Cam claimed MVP honors in 2015 with 3,837 passing yards, 35 touchdowns, and an extra 10 scores on the ground.

In Madden 20 Newton is a dual threat quarterback. He has good throw power (93) and can dominate with play action (93) while his acceleration (88) and speed (85) will force defenses to account for him. His accuracy (88 short, 84 medium, 82 deep) isn’t ideal but you can certainly work with it.

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