Madden 20: Buffalo Bills Franchise Mode – trade targets, draft needs & roster moves to win the Super Bowl

Buffalo have been a surprise this season, but can you guide them to a Super Bowl in Madden?

The Bills are under .500 in their lifetime and have only been to playoffs once in the last 19 years. Its been a tough time for fans.

But that once was in 2017, and things are definitely turning for this franchise. It wasn’t always like this and they actually hold an infamous record for going to, and losing, four Super Bowls in a row from 1990.

What do you need to do to turn the young team around?

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Team Rating

IMPROVING: Each year the Bills rating creeps up

The Bills aren’t one of the best teams at 79 OVR but they are balanced. They have an OK offense at 79 OVR, and a slightly better defense on 80 OVR.

They are one of the few teams without an X-Factor Superstar player.

On offense they are led by young Star QB Josh Allen (74 OVR). Protecting him he has Star C Mitch Morse (81 OVR), and he’s throwing to Star TE Tyler Kroft (78 OVR)

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Their defense is a little more impressive. Led by Superstar FS Micah Hyde (86 OVR) and Star RE Jerry Hughes (83 OVR). They have good Star pass defenders in CB Tre’Darious White (85 OVR), SS Jordan Poyer (80 OVR) and MLB Tremaine Edmunds (74 OVR)

So where should you focus improvements for this team to fight for a Lombardi trophy?

Biggest needs

The big problems you should be looking to address are focused around all the right tackle and cornerback.

The Bills offense is a bit patchy but one of the biggest needs is to replace RT Ty Nsekhe (71 OVR, 73 run block, 74 pass block). Whilst he’s not the worst when it comes to OL in this game, he is 33 years old and robbing you for $4.8m a year.

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On a well-rounded defense, the biggest gap is at CB where there is very little depth. Starting CB Levi Wallace (74 OVR, 75 man cover, 71 zone cover) will leave you open against division rivals like Tom Brady.

Trade Targets

There is some decent talent available at the positions of need so you can go all out and know that no matter what – you will improve your team.

Ryan Ramczyk, Right Tackle (86 OVR)

RAM: This guy makes holes for the running game

Age: 25

Best Stats: Awareness (92), Strength (90), Lead Block (89), Run Block (88), Pass Block (88), Impact Block (88)

A fantastic late 1st round pick by the Saints in 2017, Ramczyk has huge upside but is already one of the best at a position of low overall talent depth.

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The balance to his stats is impressive. The key skill stats are; lead block (89), run block (88), impact block (88) and pass block (88). This gives you a great base to build with XP. Oh and his strength (90) is elite for the position.

Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback (96 OVR)

PROBLEM: Lucky Madden is just about playing, so Ramsey is a problem for opponents

Age: 24

Best Stats: Press (98), Man Cover (97), Zone Cover (96), Jumping (94), Acceleration (93), Speed (92), Play Recognition (92)

Ramsey has his issues off the field in real life, but since being taken 5th overall in 2016 he has made the position his own and backed up his play.

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The 3 key skill stats for CBs here are mouthwatering; Press (98), man cover (97) and zone cover (96). He will not be beaten with these being near perfect. Elite speed (92) and acceleration (93) and at age 24 – he’s only getting better.

Free Agent Targets

These guys won’t cost you draft picks, but you’ll need some cap space to sign them.

Morris Claiborne, Cornerback (76 OVR)

DECENT: Claiborne is a good pick up in a talentless FA group

Age: 29

Best Stats: Speed (89), Acceleration (89), Agility (87), Jumping (86), Press (81), Man Cover (78), Zone Cover (75)

Claiborne was a former 6th overall pick in 2012 for the Cowboys and whilst his career didn’t pan out how everyone thought it would, he still maintains a decent level of talent.

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He’s got the great speed (89) and acceleration (89) needed to keep up with the top receivers. His high press (81) makes him decent as a slot CB, and Man Cover (78) won’t let you down 1 on 1.

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