Madden 20: 5 overrated players that need a ratings drop – Goff, Cousins, & more

With a quarter of the regular season done who hasn’t been living up to their OVR?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Madden 20 is meant to be a reflection of the real NFL. Weekly roster updates provide a fluid, alive feeling in which true life form is replicated in the game. Well, sometimes the Madden ratings miss the mark.

Last week we looked at players that needed an OVR boost after good performances, but they aren’t the only ones in need of a severe ratings change.

With most teams having played a quarter of their schedule already we have seen a few trends emerge, and some of them are not good for the players involved.

These 5 players in particular are in need of a ratings drop when Madden 20’s next roster update hits.

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Earl Thomas, Baltimore Ravens (95 OVR)

Position: FS

Age: 30

Best Stats: Zone Coverage (98), Awareness (95), Play Recognition (92), Acceleration (91), Speed (89)

It’s safe to say that Earl Thomas’ first year away from Seattle has not gone as planned. A different way of doing things in Baltimore has not sat easily with Thomas and frustrations have been high, as have yards and points against the usually strong Ravens defense.

The Ravens have allowed 73 points and 1,033 yards in their last two games, and part of that issue has been Thomas’ less than stellar play. At 95 OVR and with the best zone coverage (98) in Madden 20, maybe it is time for the fomer All-Pro safety to be brought down a little.

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Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles (89 OVR)

Position: RE

Age: 31

Best Stats: Play Recognition (91), Awareness (91), Power Moves (91), Tackle (91), Block Shed (87), Strength (86)

The Philadelphia Eagles season has been blighted by injuries so far, but one player that is healthy is edge rusher Brandon Graham, the problem is he hasn’t been getting to the quarterback. The Eagles sit at 2-2 after being heavily tipped to make a run at the Super Bowl and despite a vaunted defensive line they are dead last in the NFL in sacks with just 3.

Brandon Graham has none, with 3 QB hits and 3 TFLs to his name in four games. That is hardly deserving of an 89 OVR or the high power moves (91) he has. I expect that to drop in the next roster update.

Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons (87 OVR)

Position: HB

Age: 27

Best Stats: Agility (94), Speed (92), Juke Move (91), Acceleration (91), Spin Move (87), Elusiveness (87), Trucking (85)

The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the biggest disappointments so far this season, outside of Julio Jones that is. Their 1-3 start can be put down to many things, but one that stands out is the total disappearance of Devonta Freeman. After posting 4.6 yards per carry since 2016, Freeman came into this season with big expectations. So far he has just 3.3 yards per carry, no touchdowns, and one fumble.

With such poor stats it is surely time that Freeman’s 87 OVR comes down along with his break tackle (83), agility (94), and juke move (91).

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Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (81 OVR)

Position: QB

Age: 24

Best Stats: Short Accuracy (91), Throw Power (89), Medium Accuracy (87), Play Action (85), Deep Accuracy (84)

Jared Goff may be 4th in the NFL in passing yards (1,254), but he has 6 interceptions to his name, a QBR of just 39.5, and 4 fumbles. His passing yards are inflated by a highly underwhelming 517-yard day on Sunday in a 4-turnover mess against the Buccaneers.

Since signing a massive contract extension Goff has been poor and has already dropped 2 from his launch OVR of 83. I expect that fall to continue as his accuracy stats (91 short, 87 medium, 84 deep) fall away and his throw under pressure (81) takes a hit.

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Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (80 OVR)

Position: QB

Age: 31

Best Stats: Play Action (94), Short Accuracy (90), Throw Under Pressure (87), Deep Accuracy (86), Throw Power (86)

The Minnesota Vikings offense has been very poor this year. They sit 24th in yards per game and 18th in points per game thanks in no small part to their lack of quality through the air. The Vikings average just 169 passing yards per game, better than only the Jets.

Cousins has come under heavy fire not just from defenses but also fans and the media. His 80 OVR is already down 1 from launch and his throw under pressure (87), short accuracy (90), and play action (94) should all take another hit in the next update.


Toby Durant