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Madden 19: Los Angeles Rams Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart, & Playbooks

The Rams franchise moved back to Los Angeles for the 2016 season and took up residency in the LA Coliseum while their new stadium was being built. That first year back in the City of Angeles was poor, but in 2017 they hired Sean McVay as their head coach, and suddenly everything was different. The youngest head coach in NFL history rejuvenated the offensive gameplan and put 2016 first overall pick Jared Goff in positions to succeed. The 2017 Rams finished the season with an 11-5 record and the most points scored in the NFL. They won the NFC West and made the playoffs for the first time since 2004. They fell in the wildcard round to Atlanta, but it gave the franchise and the fanbase hope of improving in 2018.

*All stats correct at time of writing

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Team Rating

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The Rams have a really strong 86 OVR. Only the Eagles have a better OVR rating. It is fueled by a terrific 89 offense, the fourth-best in the game, and a solid 87 score on defense, the fifth-best. The Rams roster is well-rounded, with quality at left tackle, wide receiver, and running back, and a defense that is loaded at defensive line and in the secondary. There are still some holes for you to fix in Franchise Mode, but the Rams are a very good team to take online since they can compete in every phase of the game.

Aaron Donald, Defensive End (OVR 99)

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Age: 27


Development Trait: Superstar

Contract: 7 years/$102m

2018 Cap Hit: $13.1m

Best Stats: Strength (97), Power Moves (98), Finesse Moves (92), Block Shedding (89), Speed (83), Play Recognition (99), Tackle (93)

Aaron Donald has been a monster ever since he entered the NFL. The 13th pick in 2014, Donald started as a 4-3 defensive tackle and registered an amazing nine sacks as a rookie. He soon topped that with 11 the next year, and now has 39 in four seasons. He has made the Pro Bowl in each season and is already a three-time First Team All-Pro. In 2017 the Rams moved to a 3-4 defense and put Donald at defensive end but it didn't lessen his impact. Perhaps the best interior pass rusher to ever play the game, Donald's smaller than usual stature and incredible quickness make him a tough blocking assignment for every offense he plays.

Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle (OVR 94)

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Age: 31


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 1 year/$14m

2018 Cap Hit: $14m

Best Stats: Strength (98), Power Moves (89), Finesse Moves (73), Block Shedding (91), Speed (72), Play Recognition (87), Tackle (91)

Before Aaron Donald came along, Ndamukong Suh was seen by many as the best defensive tackle in the NFL. The second-overall pick in 2010 for the Detroit Lions, Suh is a three-time First Team All-Pro who has been a beast against the run and very capable of rushing the passer from inside. He has racked up 51.5 sacks in his eight seasons and been to five Pro Bowls. Suh arrived in LA this summer after being cut by the rebuilding Miami Dolphins.

Todd Gurley II, Running Back (OVR 94)

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Age: 24


Development Trait: Superstar

Contract: 6 years/$47.9m

2018 Cap Hit: $7.41m

Best Stats: Speed (92), Agility (95), Carrying (88), Elusiveness (92), Juke Move (91), Stiff Arm (90), Catching (72)

The Rams selected Todd Gurley tenth-overall in the 2015 draft and have been rewarded with one of the most versatile and deadly offensive players in the NFL today. Gurley played 13 games in his rookie season and racked up 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns behind a poor offensive line. As the team and offense struggled in 2016, so did Gurley, but last year he came back with a bang and posted 2,093 yards from scrimmage along with 19 touchdowns. Gurley made 64 catches last season to become the kind of all-round threat he always promised to be.

Jared Goff, Quarterback (OVR 86)

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Age: 23


Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 2 years/$28.7m

2018 Cap Hit: $6.95m

Best Stats: Throw Power (94), Short Accuracy (92), Medium Accuracy (87), Play Action (90), Throw On The Run (84)

Jared Goff was the first-overall pick for the Rams in 2016. They paid a kings ransom to the Tennessee Titans to trade up for him, and at first the returns weren't great. He struggled in his appearances in his rookie year, but thankfully Jeff Fisher was fired and Sean McVay saved the day. Under the new head coach, Goff looked efficient and confident, and well worth the price they paid.

Depth Chart & Full Roster

QB OVR Speed Throw Power Short Accuracy Medium Accuracy Deep Accuracy Throw Under Pressure Play Action
Jared Goff8678949287828690
Sean Mannion6368887775736870
Brandon Allen6178887874706376
HB OVR Speed Agility Elusiveness Carrying Juke Move Catching
Todd Gurley II94929592889172
Malcolm Brown72898457867856
Justin Davis70889182738661
John Kelly70858374818466
WR OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Catching In Traffic Spectacular Catch Release Jumping
Brandin Cooks8795969188868786888087
Robert Woods8691899487898688898389
Cooper Kupp8488949085878284867876
Josh Reynolds7388848476787982876988
Nick Williams6685917871726475735991
KhaDarel Hodge6687858269677177836390
Pharoh Cooper6587917867667170756385
Mike Thomas6388897766676876855391
JoJo Natson6090927557565874725582
TE OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Run Block
Tyler Higbee7980858366636075
Gerald Everett7785788368656062
Johnny Mundt6581857361565158
Jake McQuaide4667686042373249
OL OVR Speed Strength Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
Andrew Whitworth90629492909393
Rodger Saffold80628480886287
John Sullivan80568681778486
Rob Havenstein80578479887980
Austin Blythe77608581807478
Jamon Brown71708772768079
Joseph Noteboom67748575757577
Brian Allen67628173767977
DE OVR Speed Agility Strength Block Shedding Finesse Moves Power Moves
Aaron Donald99838297899298
Michael Brockers88647489905878
Morgan Fox75767784685878
Ethan Westbrooks73767182728167
Tanzel Smart68676482707870
John Franklin-Myers68676482707870
DT OVR Speed Strength Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding Impact Block
Ndamukong Suh94729889739190
Sebastian Joseph-Day68738174557982
OLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Samson Ebukam788682818473825566
Matt Longacre718179757470765358
Dominique Easley717571798074823545
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo688279797553804253
Trevon Young668079737751774251
Garrett Sickels668078777061744654
Justin Lawler667370797361804152
MLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Mark Barron778681819082817478
Cory Littleton738181797480816472
Ramik Wilson698486848160776573
Bryce Hager698575826363766478
Micah Kiser688481808359776873
CB OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Man Coverage Zone Coverage Press
Aqib Talib89889291938992
Marcus Peters85908991868489
Nickell Robey-Coleman83899391848678
Sam Shields75918788777175
Troy Hill71878892757865
Kevin Peterson67869285707865
Darious Williams64919387687165
Dominique Hatfield61858587706956
FS OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Lamarcus Joyner89889486888491
Marqui Christian67889287616168
SS OVR Speed Acceleration Tackle Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
John Johnson III85859075848184
Blake Countess69889460666366
K OVR Kick Power Kick Accuracy
Greg Zuerlein819590
P OVR Kick Power Kick Accuracy
Johnny Hekker859797

The Rams roster has very few weaknesses. On offense Jared Goff (94 throw power, 92 short accuracy) is a nice young quarterback to build around and has decent movement skills as well. The offense is built around the talents of Todd Gurley (92 speed, 95 agility) though. He can dominate on the ground and is deadly as a receiver. Brandin Cooks (95 speed, 91 catching) is new to the Rams this year and offers a dynamic threat on the outside. The offensive line is relatively strong as well, with Andrew Whitworth (92 pass block, 90 run block) and Rodger Saffold (80 pass block, 88 run block) forming a quality left side.

On defense the talent at defensive line and in the secondary speaks for itself. Aaron Donald (98 power moves, 93 tackle) and Ndamukong Suh (98 strength, 91 block shedding) are offense-wrecking monsters up front while a new cornerback pairing of Aqib Talib (93 man coverage, 89 zone coverage) and Marcus Peters (86 man coverage, 84 zone coverage) make life very difficult for quarterbacks that can survive the onslaught from Donald and Suh. The Rams linebackers are a weakness, but one that can be quickly rectified in Franchise Mode and worked around in online play.


Los Angeles Rams Playbook - Offense

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I Form - Pro

I Form - Slot

I Form - Twin TE


Strong I - Close

Strong I - Pro

Weak I - Close Flex

Singleback - Ace

Singleback - Ace Close

Singleback - Ace Pair

Singleback - Bunce

Singleback - Deuce Close

Singleback - Dice Slot


Singleback -  Doubles South

Singleback - Wing Pair

Singleback - Wing Slot

Singleback - Wing Tight

Singleback - Wing Tight Z

Singleback - Y Off Trio

Singleback - Y Trips

Pistol - Wing Flex

Shotgun - Ace Offset


Shotgun - Bunce Offset

Shotgun - Doubles Offset Wk

Shotgun - Doubles Y Off

Shotgun - Doubles Y Off Wk

Shotgun - Empty Base Flex

Shotgun - Empty Bunch Wide

Shotgun - Spread Y-Slot WK

Shotgun -  Stack Y Off Wk

Shotgun - Stack Y-Flex


Shotgun - Tight Flex

Shotgun - Trey Y Iso

Shotgun - Trey Y-Flex

Shotgun - Y Trips Wk

The Rams offensive playbook is a beautiful thing. Shotgun Tight Flex has one of our money plays, PA Post Shot, they have the excellent Singleback Deuce Close formation that includes stretch, wham, and counter runs as well as PA Stretch Shot and the classic PA Boot Slide. There is something in the Rams playbook for everyone regardless of your offensive style. There is plenty of trey and trips formations in shotgun, a handful of I formation sets, and a good range of singleback formations that can flow together with shotgun packages well.

Los Angeles Rams Playbook - Defense

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3-4 Even


3-4 Odd

3-4 Over

3-4 Solid

3-4- Under

4-4 Split

Nickel Normal

Nickel 2-4-5

Nickel 2-4-5 Double A Gap

Nickel 3-3-5 Wide


Big Nickel Over G

Dime 2-3-6

Dime 2-3-6 Will

Quarter Normal

Quarter 3 Deep

Goal Line Defense 5-3-3

Goal Line Defense 5-4-2

The Rams playbook is your fairly standard 3-4 defense. The formations are good, though not quite as varied as the Ravens one, and the 4-4 split is a really nice changeup/short yardage formation. There are some nice plays within the 3-4 formations though, with common blitz fronts and varied coverages, as well as varied blitzes in front of common coverages. If you set up your blitzes well you will find a lot of success with this playbook.

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