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Madden 19: Detroit Lions Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart & Playbooks

The Detroit Lions have long been at the foot of the NFC North. While the Packers and Bears have storied histories and the Vikings have tales of heart-break, the Lions have failure in their history. They haven't made a Super Bowl since the merger, with their last NFL championship coming in 1957. They haven't won the NFC North, their last divisional title came in 1993, and their last playoff win was in January 1992. With such a poor history the team and fans are desperate for success. While there have been bright spots and some amazing players, this is a franchise that is crying out for a new direction. They hired Matt Patricia from the New England Patriots to be their head coach coming into the 2018 season, but can you take over the team and lead them to glory?

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*All stats correct at time of writing

Team Rating

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The Detroit Lions have a 76 overall rating in Madden 19. It's not a strong rating, with only four teams rated the same or lower. However, there are bright spots to the Lions team. The offense receives an 81 rating, which puts them above a good number of teams, and thanks to Matthew Stafford's presence they can play better than that if you master your playbook and reads. Defensively Detroit aren't good. They get a 77 defensive rating which is only better than two teams in Madden 19.


Damon Harrison, Defensive Tackle (OVR 94)

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Age: 29

Development Trait: Superstar


Contract: 3 years/$26.04 million

2018 Cap Hit: $7.47 million

Best Stats: Block Shedding (96), Impact Block (95), Tackle (94), Play Recognition (94), Awareness (94), Strength (93), Finesse Moves (72)

Damon Harrison went undrafted in 2012 but soon latched on with the New York Jets. By 2013 he was a starter for them at nose tackle and was soon regarded as the best run-stopping defensive lineman in the league. In 2016 he joined the giants as a free agent and bought his considerable talents to their defense, quickly becoming the darling of statistics companies like Pro Football Focus for his run-stuffing ability. He came to Detroit via trade before the deadline in 2018 and immediately improved the middle of their defense too.

Darius Slay Jr, Cornerback (OVR 88)

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Age: 27


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 3 years/$18.7 million

2018 Cap Hit: $5.64 million

Best Stats: Speed (94), Acceleration (93), Agility (93), Zone Coverage (89), Play Recognition (88), Man Coverage (87)

The Lions drafted Darius Slay in the second round of the 2013 draft. In his rookie year Slay was heavily targeted by opposing quarterbacks but showed enough promise to become a starter in his second year. Slay's potential was evident but he took some time to produce at the highest level. However, in 2017 he had a breakout season, putting up a league-high 8 interceptions and making the Pro Bowl for the first time as well as being named an All-Pro. Coming into 2018 he is a cornerstone of the Lions roster and has become a player that opposing teams try their best to avoid.

Marvin Jones Jr, Wide Receiver (OVR 87)

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Age: 28


Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 3 years/$23.08 million

2018 Cap Hit: $6.81 million

Best Stats: Spectacular Catch (95), Jumping (91), Speed (90), Acceleration (90), Deep Route (90), Agility (90), Catching In Traffic (88), Catching (87)

Marvin Jones came into the NFL as a fifth-round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012. As a rookie he saw little action, making just 18 catches, but in 2013 he came to prominence with 51 catches and a remarkable 10 touchdowns. Injury sidelined him for the whole of 2014, but when he came back in 2015 he made 65 catches for 816 yards. In 2016 he moved to Detroit as a free agent and flourished thanks to an expanded role. He had his first 1,000+ yard season in 2017 and comes into the 2018 season with 2,031 yards and 13 touchdowns in two years with the Lions.

Matthew Stafford, Quarterback (OVR 83)

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Age: 30


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 5 years/$99.8 million

2018 Cap Hit: $18.6 million

Best Stats: Throw Power (98), Play Action (86), Short Accuracy (86), Throw On Run (83), Throw Under Pressure (81)

Matthew Stafford was Detroit's reward for their 0-16 season as they took him with the first overall selection in the 2009 draft. He played just 13 games in his first two years in the NFL, but in 2011 Stafford exploded with 5,038 yards and 41 touchdowns. Both are career-highs, but Stafford has been a very consisted passer for the Lions, not missing a game since the start of the 2011 season and averaging 4,465 yards and 27 touchdowns a year, which is production many teams would love to have. At the age of 30 Stafford is now an established NFL quarterback and is regarded by many to be capable of leading a team to the Super Bowl if the supporting talent is there.

Full Roster & Depth Chart

QB OVR Speed Throw Power Short Accuracy Medium Accuracy Deep Accuracy Throw Under Pressure Play Action
Matthew Stafford8375988682808186
Matt Cassel6569848274747476
HB OVR Speed Agility Elusiveness Carrying Juke Move Catching
Kerryon Johnson81888577908571
LeGarrette Blount79858269898359
Theo Riddick79879485829072
Zach Zenner72878166878164
FB OVR Speed Strength Carrying Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
Nick Bawden6782807365688266
Nick Bellore6379786867627567
WR OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Catch In Traffic Spectacular Catch Release Jumping
Marvin Jones Jr8790908781889088958491
Kenny Golladay8490889085838289918385
TJ Jones7690928477787683816882
Bruce Ellington7590948380787583776990
Brandon Powell6586867875726977786078
Andy Jones6588897664656675746996
TE OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Run Block
Luke Willson7586837868656169
Levine Toilolo7276747964595656
Michael Roberts7277778066625659
Jerome Cunningham6681777066615565
Don Muhlbach5665615245403561
OL OVR Speed Strength Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
TJ Lang86638989776785
Frank Ragnow81739280838585
Taylor Decker79659082748584
Rick Wagner79658780808789
Graham Glasgow75688978797678
Tyrell Crosby70658774768078
Kenny Wiggins68548472727776
Leo Koloamatangi65588374727677
Joe Dahl63668471755176
Andrew Donnal63627770736274
DE OVR Speed Agility Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding
Ezekiel Ansah828481817478
Da'Shawn Hand827884806983
Romeo Okwara757775797573
Ricky Jean Francois736277755581
Kerry Hyder Jr727573698172
Eric Lee698188617066
DT OVR Speed Strength Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding Impact Block
Damon Harrison Sr94629383729695
A'Shawn Robinson79668680668086
Mitchell Loewen71748775717682
John Atkins61608170537281
OLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Devon Kennard768377867776815869
Christian Jones758184838376825361
Eli Harold728683778471784959
Jalen Reeves-Maybin688383778266777166
Nicholas Grigsby678781787856785063
Steve Longa678283847656745061
MLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Jarrad Davis748583798777845056
Kelvin Sheppard668074818673755567
Trevor Bates618083807848785463
CB OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Man Coverage Zone Coverage Press
Darius Slay Jr88949393878984
Nevin Lawson76908990747166
Marcus Cooper Sr74898883737478
Mike Ford74909294757376
DeShawn Shead72878988767576
Teez Tabor71879092706977
Jamal Agnew70939191757171
Dee Virgin66909488697379
FS OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Glover Quin80859085807379
Tracy Walker III73899181697575
Charles Washington65909087665761
SS OVR Speed Acceleration Tackle Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Quandre Diggs80878765837880
Tavon Wilson78868771827472
Miles Killebrew73878974735464
ST OVR Kick Power Kick Accuracy
Matt Prater (K)809487
Sam Martin (P)789683

The Lions roster does have talent, but there also a number of holes you'll need to fill in Franchise Mode. With Matthew Stafford (98 throw power, 86 short accuracy) under center the Lions have the most important piece of the puzzle, and around him are the weapons to create a deadly passing game. Marvin Jones (95 spectacular catch, 91 jumping) and Kenny Golladay (91 spectacular catch, 90 speed) are talented receivers that can win against man coverage. Rookie Kerryon Johnson (90 carrying, 88 speed) leads the way at running back and is supported by LeGarrette Blount (91 trucking, 91 acceleration) and Theo Riddick (94 agility, 90 juke move) who can provide brute force and a threat in the passing game.


The Lions have invested along the offensive line in recent years, with Frank Ragnow (92 strength, 85 impact block) their most recent first-round pick while Taylor Decker (90 strength, 82 pass block) handles the blindside blocking well. 

Defensively the Lions are less impressive. They have nice players on the defensive line such as the monstrous Damon Harrison (96 block shedding, 95 impact block) and fellow defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson (86 impact block, 86 strength) as well as edge threat Ezekiel Ansah (89 acceleration, 88 power moves), but they lack depth up front and then come in short at linebacker, though Jarrad Davis (90 acceleration, 87 hit power) is a quality young player. Darius Slay (94 speed, 89 zone coverage) leads the secondary at cornerback and has help at safety from Glover Quin (90 acceleration, 79 zone coverage) and Quandre Diggs (87 acceleration, 80 zone coverage).

Detroit Lions Playbook - Offense

I Form Pro

I Form Slot

I Form Twin TE

Strong I Pro


Strong I Slot Flex

Strong I Y Off

Weak I Pro

Singleback Ace Pair

Singleback Ace U Off

Singleback Bunch Base

Singleback Deuce


Singleback Dice Slot

Singleback Wing Pair

Singleback Wing Slot

Singleback Y Off Trips

Pistol Doubles

Pistol Doubles Y Off

Pistol Open Slot


Pistol Strong Slot Open

Pistol Wing Flex

Shotgun Bunch Wide

Shotgun Double Y Flex Off Wk

Shotgun Doubles

Shotgun Doubles HB Wk

Shotgun Doubles Y Off


Shotgun Doubles Y Off Wk

Shotgun Eagle H Tight

Shotgun Empty Base Flex

Shotgun Empty Y-Flex

Shotgun Split Flex

Shotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk

Shotgun Stack Y Off Wk


Shotgun Trips TE Offset

Shotgun Trips Y-Flex

Shotgun Y Off Trips Wk

The Detroit Lions offensive playbook is not as spectacular as you may hope. There is a nice balance between I formation that will let you pound the rock when you need to, along with a lot more Pistol formations that you normally get, but this comes at the expense of Singleback formations. You lack money formations like Singleback Deuce Close, and while the Shotgun set is fairly deep and does have 3 empty formations to spread the ball around, you don't have formations like Shotgun Trio. Trips Y-Flex is a good one you will want to familiarize yourself with, but if you aren't comfortable with doubles formations then you may want to use a different playbook for the Lions.

Detroit Lions Playbook - Defense

3-4 Odd

3-4 Solid


3-4 Under

4-3 Over

4-3 Under

Nickel Normal

Nickel 3-3-5 Wide

Nickel 3-3-5 Odd

Nickel 2-4-5 Double A Gap


Big Nickel Over G

Dime Normal

Quarter Normal

Quarter 3 Deep

Dollar 3-2-6

Goal Line Defense 5-3-3

Goal Line Defense 5-4-2

The Lions defensive playbook is very nice. It is one of just a handful of "multiple" defensive playbooks, meaning you can switch between 3-4 and 4-3 fronts all game. This requires some careful personnel management, but it makes your defense much harder to read for an opponent. Along with those changing fronts you get a good selection of nickel packages, including the rare Nickel 3-3-5 Odd which will confuse a lot of opponents.