25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Madden 19: Best money plays (offensive & defensive)

No play is a guaranteed touchdown every time. Blitzes get home, elite defensive players work off blocks and make tackles, or get across the receivers face and deflect the pass. However, there are a handful of plays in Madden 19 that are incredibly difficult to stop even if you don't have Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, or Antonio Brown. Here are the best money plays in Madden 19.

Gun Trips TE - PA Shot Wheel

The PA Shot Wheel was good in Madden 18, and it is still money in Madden 19 because it's fundamentally a strong concept. With a tight end and back away from the trips receivers, you give defenses a lot to think about before the snap. They need at least six, if not seven, in the box in case of the run. They also need to defend both sides of the tight end because there is a lot of space from his outside shoulder to the sideline, which is also a threat for the running back to leak into as well. That limits the amount of coverage a defense can load up on the trips side, which leaves them vulnerable to this route combination.

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Straight off the bat, the play action keeps the linebackers down, and if you mix in some runs from this formation frequently enough, it will hold them even more and entice them to come downhill on the snap.

Against a cover 3 defense the outside receiver (X/■) is open almost immediately. Even if the underneath man gives him a little bump, he can still run into acres of space. Against a cover 2, especially a Tampa 2, you'll have to wait for X/■ to come open, and Y/▲ is a complete no-go thanks to the middle linebacker's drop. However, you can hit B/Circle with a bullet pass underneath the outside zone in a cover 2, as long as you hit A/X for a possession catch you'll come down with the ball in front of the defender every time. Even if you don't have elite playes this play works wonders. Here it is with the Titans offense, hardly the most potent passing team, against the Panthers.