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Madden 19: Best (and worst) teams to play with on Franchise Mode, online & rebuild

There are 32 franchises in Madden 19, and each one is unique. Some teams are built to play defense first, some are young and fast while others require more nuance to use. Knowing which team suits your style of play is half the battle to winning the Super Bowl in Franchise Mode or destroying your friends online.

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We've reviewed each team to see which are the best in certain situations, and which teams you should be avoiding. Don't agree with us? Then let us know your favorites, and least favorites, in the comments below.

Madden 19 Best Team: Philadelphia Eagles

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91 overall, 97 offense, 89 defense


Best Players: Fletcher Cox (OVR 94), Malcolm Jenkins (OVR 94), Brandon Graham (OVR 93)

Ones to watch: Carson Wentz (OVR 86), Ronald Darby (OVR 86), Jordan Hicks (OVR 81)

Cap Space: $22.8m

It's no surprise that the reigning champions are the best overall team on Madden 19. They are well balanced between offense and defense, have a terrific young quarterback that can move in Carson Wentz (OVR 86) and are stacked with playmakers on both sides of the ball. Their strong offensive line allows you to run the ball all day or drop back and pass on every down. They have a quality tight end in Zach Ertz (OVR 91), a physically dominant receiver in Alshon Jeffery (OVR 90), and a bellcow of a running back in Jay Ajayi (OVR 86).

Their defensive line is stacked, with Fletcher Cox (OVR 94) and Brandon Graham (OVR 93) among the best at their position. Malcolm Jenkins (OVR 94) roams the defensive backfield at safety and Ronald Darby (OVR 86) plays corner well enough to compete with all but the elite receivers.

This team is deep at every position with so many elite players that it is tough to see where you would even begin to improve it in Franchise Mode.

Madden 19 Best Offensive Rushing Team: Dallas Cowboys

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83 overall, 87 offense, 83 defense


Best Players: Travis Frederick (OVR 96), Zack Martin (OVR 96), Ezekiel Elliott (OVR 92)

Ones to watch: Connor Williams (OVR 76), La'el Collins (OVR 72), Bo Scarbrough (OVR 71)

Cap space: $44.7m

There are plenty of great running backs in Madden 19, and a lot of great offensive linemen too, but no team as a combination of the two that can compete with the Dallas Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott (OVR 92) is the main ball carrier. The third-year man has averaged over 100 yards per game already, and that production is reflected in his 92 speed, 95 agility, and 92 juke move. That combination means he can dodge defenders in the open field and run away from everyone. If it was just Elliott that would be tough enough, but tackling him is nearly impossible thanks to the offensive line blocking for him.

Tyron Smith (OVR 95) is the best run-blocking left tackle in the game, Travis Frederick (OVR 96) is the #2 run-blocking center, and Zack Martin (OVR 96) is the #2 run-blocking right guard. There are only six offensive linemen with an OVR of 95 or more, and the Cowboys have three of them. Martin and Frederick have top four run block power stats, and the Cowboys just spent their 2018 first round pick on Texas guard Connor Williams, giving you a young stud with plenty of potential to slot between Smith and Frederick.

Oh, and if Ezekiel Elliott goes down then you have rookie powerhouse Bo Scarbrough (OVR 71) that can take over and excel.


Madden 19 Best Offensive Passing Team: Atlanta Falcons

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84 overall, 87 offense, 85 defense

Best players: Julio Jones (OVR 98), Devonta Freeman (OVR 91), Matt Ryan (OVR 89)


Ones to watch: Tevin Coleman (OVR 86), Austin Hooper (OVR 80), Calvin Ridley (OVR 77)

Cap space: $39m

That's right, I'm not picking the Tom Brady and the Patriots or even Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. That's because on Madden the passing game is about more than just the quarterback. You need weapons, and no team is as loaded across the field as the Atlanta Falcons.

Their passing game starts with the unstoppable Julio Jones (OVR 98). The All-Pro has at least 92 on all his route running stats, he has at least 96 on all his catching stats, has a 98 release, a 93 speed, and a 97 jumping. So cornerbacks can't bump him on the line of scrimmage, can't keep up with him down field, can't stick with him on his breaks, and can't out jump him for the ball. Yea, he's unstoppable alright.

After Jones is veteran Mohamed Sanu (OVR 82) and rookie Calvin Ridley (OVR 77). Sanu excels underneath, with an 84 short route running stat and a 92 catch. He can work himself open in the middle of the field and torture any safety that dares to move away from Jones. Ridley comes in as the Falcons first-round pick this year, with a star development trait and 93 speed and acceleration. He specializes in beating defenses over the top, but as a rookie there is plenty of time to improve his underneath abilities too.

Supporting the wide receivers is tight end Austin Hooper (OVR 80) and running backs Devonta Freeman (OVR 91) and Tevin Coleman (OVR 86). Both backs have a speed of 92 or more and are capable receivers with impressive open field stats.

Oh, and Matt Ryan (OVR 89) is throwing them the ball with his 94 throw power and 94 short accuracy.


Madden 19 Most Explosive Offense: Kansas City Chiefs

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81 overall, 83 offense, 81 defense

Best players: Travis Kelce (OVR 95), Kareem Hunt (OVR 89), Tyreek Hill (OVR 88)


Ones to watch: Sammy Watkins (OVR 83), Patrick Mahomes II (OVR 77), De'Anthony Thomas (OVR 71)

Cap space: $56.1m

When you think of an Andy Reid offense big plays don't really come to mind, but on Madden 19 you are the one calling the shots and the Chiefs are perfectly set up to score from anywhere on the field.

Tyreek Hill (OVR 87) is the fastest player in the game, with 98 speed, 97 acceleration, and 98 agility. But the Chiefs potency goes beyond just Hill. Sammy Watkins (OVR 83), Chris Conley (OVR 76), and De'Anthony Thomas (OVR 71) also have speed of 92+. Their launch roster has four running backs with a speed of 90+, including sure-handed starter Kareem Hunt who is one of the best running backs in the game. Then there is tight end Travis Kelce (OVR 95) who is one of the best, and most athletic, tight ends around.

Distributing the ball to this bevy of burners is Patrick Mahomes II (OVR 77) who has 97 throw power but also has the kind of athleticism (speed 79, acceleration 87, agility 88) that means he can take off and beat defenses too.

Madden 19 Best Defensive Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

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83 overall, 81 offense, 91 defense


Best players: Jalen Ramsey (OVR 97), AJ Bouye (OVR 94), Calais Campbell (OVR 92)

Ones to watch: Myles Jack (OVR 84), Dante Fowler Jr (OVR 81), Jalen Myrick (OVR 70) 

Cap space: $9.55m

When it comes to building a defense, no team has been more committed than the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they saw the fruits of that hard work in 2017 as they got all the way to the AFC championship game.

In Madden 19 the Jaguars have the two best cornerbacks in the game. Jalen Ramsey (OVR 97) and AJ Bouye (OVR 94) are both capable of erasing opposing wide receivers no matter who they are. In front of those corners is a deep and deadly defensive line. Calais Campbell (OVR 92) leads the way with his monstrous size and ability to play defensive end or defensive tackle. In the trenches with him are edge rushers Yannick Ngakoue (OVR 86) and Dante Fowler Jr (OVR 81) and defensive tackles Malik Jackson (OVR 85), Marcell Dareus (OVR 84), and Abry Jones (OVR 77). That is six terrific defensive linemen to bring pressure on the quarterback and dominate running games.

Behind that D-line are linebackers Telvin Smith (OVR 90) and Myles Jack (OVR 84) who are some of the fastest around and are also great in coverage. There isn't a weakness on this defense, your opponent will just have to pick his poison.

Madden 19 Most Overrated Team: New England Patriots

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85 overall, 89 offense, 87 defense


Best Players: Tom Brady (OVR 99), Rob Gronkowski (OVR 99), Devin McCourty (OVR 92)

Ones to watch: Sony Michel (OVR 77), Isaiah Wynn (OVR 77), Cordarrelle Patterson (OVR 76)

Cap space: $47.6m

The New England Patriots are the most successful franchise in modern history. They have made at least the AFC championship game in each of the last seven seasons and have won two Super Bowls in that time span. But when it comes to Madden 19, the Patriots are not nearly as good as other teams.

Madden games tend to be all about physicality and athleticism. Size and speed wins, and the Patriots are not a size and speed team. Sure, players like Rob Gronkowski are physical freaks, and there are few players that cover as much ground as Devin McCourty, but most of the Patriots roster is more brains than brawn, and that just doesn't cut it on Madden.

The team lacks speed, with its fastest players (Phillip Dorsett, Keion Crossen, Jonathan Jones) having huge holes in their stats that make them risky plays, while some of their best OVR players like Julian Edelman (OVR 88) and Trey Flowers (86) lack big play ability.

Their defense is more focused on power than speed, which leaves them open to a lot of offenses, and for as great as Tom Brady is in real life, his greatest asset is his decision-making, which you replace. His lack of mobility also becomes a hinderance. The Patriots may be a great team in the NFL, but they are not a great on Madden 19. 


Madden 19 Most Underrated Team: Arizona Cardinals

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75 overall, 77 offense, 79 defense

Best players: David Johnson (OVR 93), Patrick Peterson (OVR 92), Larry Fitzgerald (OVR 89)


Ones to watch: Budda Baker (OVR 79), Josh Rosen (OVR 78), Deone Bucannon (OVR 76)

Cap space: $53.2m

They have a team OVR of just 75, but there is a lot to like about the Arizona Cardinals on Madden 19.

First and foremost is running back David Johnson (OVR 93) who is one of the most complete offensive weapons in the game. With 92 speed, 93 elusiveness, 94 juke move, and 78 catching he can do it all from the backfield, and he even has good enough route running stats to be a threat when lined up wide.

Then there is the future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (OVR 89) who has some of the best hands in the game. He's supported on the outside by JJ Nelson (OVR 77) who has the speed (96) to ruin coverages down field.

On defense there is the terrific cornerback Patrick Peterson (OVR92) who can cover anyone and pass rusher Chandler Jones (OVR 89) to bring the heat on the opposing quarterback.

They also have rookie quarterback Josh Rosen (OVR 78) who has a strong and accurate arm to lead the offense. This team has more than enough talent to interest players despite their poor overall rating.


Madden 19 Best Sleeper Team: Chicago Bears

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76 overall, 77 offense, 81 defense

Best players: Adrian Amos (OVR 89), Allen Robinson (OVR 87), Akiem Hicks (OVR 86)


Ones to watch: Roquan Smith (OVR 81), Leonard Floyd (OVR 79), Mitchell Trubisky (OVR 74) 

Cap space: $39.5m

Second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (OVR 74) is the reason why Chicago Bears are a sleeper team on Madden 19. He has great athleticism for the position, with a speed of 83 and acceleration 87, which will allow him to torment defenses with his feet. His passing isn't super-accurate, but that can be improved relatively quickly, and a short accuracy of 83 means you can keep the chains moving.

Along with Trubisky you get a pair of quality running backs in Jordan Howard (OVR 85) and Tarik Cohen (OVR 83), newly acquired wide receiver Allen Robinson (OVR 87) and tight end Trey Burton (OVR 84). That's a pretty good offensive package, and they are protected by a solid offensive line featuring Cody Whitehair (OVR 81) and Kyle Long (OVR 79).

Defensively the Bears have a surprising amount of talent. Leonard Floyd (OVR 79) has speed to burn at outside linebacker and can bring some pass rush, while Adrian Amos (OVR 90) is a very good strong safety. Up front they are led by Akiem Hicks (OVR 86) and have two strong middle linebackers in Danny Trevathan (OVR 84) and rookie Roquan Smith (OVR 81). The Bears could surprise plenty of people this season.

Madden 19 Best Team to Rebuild: Cleveland Browns

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77 overall, 81 offense, 79 defense


Best players: Joel Bitonio (OVR 89), Kevin Zeitler (OVR 89), Myles Garrett (OVR 88)

Ones to watch: Baker Mayfield (OVR 81), NIck Chubb (OVR 76), Caleb Brantley (OVR 70)

Cap space: $22.2m

This isn't much of a stretch. After not winning a single game in 2017, the Browns are clearly the biggest challenge on Madden 19. Their recent draft helped fill a few holes in the roster with quarterback Baker Mayfield (OVR 81) and cornerback Denzel Ward (OVR 80), but they are far from superstars on Madden, making this team a tough one to manage. They have two good guards in Joel Bitonio (OVR 89) and Kevin Zeitler (OVR 89) but there is a big hole at left tackle after Joe Thomas' retirement. The defense is led by 2017 #1 pick Myles Garrett (OVR 88) at defensive end and middle linebacker Mychal Kendricks (OVR 82), but there are a lot of positions that need improvement across this roster.

Madden 19 Worst Team: New York Jets

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74 overall, 71 offense, 81 defense


Best players: Jamal Adams (OVR 85), Leonard Williams (OVR 84), Robby Anderson (OVR 84)

Ones to watch: Marcus Maye (OVR 78), Sam Darnold (OVR 75), Darron Lee (OVR 73)

Cap space: $38.9m

Even with the Browns as bad as they are, they still have more positives than the New York Jets. Cleveland have playmakers at wide receiver and running back, the Jets have very little. Robby Anderson (OVR 84) is as good as it gets on offense, and while he and Jermaine Kearse (OVR 83) are nice players in the NFL, in Madden 19 they are unspectacular. The running game is spearheaded by Isaiah Crowell (OVR 79) who is very one dimensional, while the back end of the defense lacks talent outside of strong safety Jamal Adams (OVR 86).

The Jets drafted quarterback Sam Darnold (OVR 75) with their first round pick this year and signed Teddy Bridgewater (OVR 78), but neither quarterback has a particularly strong arm with which to fire passes into tight windows. The Jets are far and away the worst team to use online this year.