Madden 20: San Diego relocation uniforms and team logos

We've got all the uniforms and logos for moving your NFL team to San Diego, California

With the Rams leaving St. Louis for the massive market of Los Angeles and the Chargers moving up the coast from San Diego to join them, it seems relocating is all the rage in the NFL right now. You too can move your favorite NFL team in Madden 20’s Franchise Mode.

Here is everything you need to know about bringing football back to San Diego.

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San Diego stats

Fan interest: 4/6

Market size: Average

Personality: Laid back

There is a lot of interest in a team coming to San Diego, but the presence of two teams just north of the city in Los Angeles does limit the size of the market you are jumping into. Still, the fans there lost their team and are keen for a new one. Throw in the fact that San Diego is a really nice place to live and it seems like an easy fit.

You can choose between the Aftershocks, the Crusaders, and the Red Dragons.

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There is huge fan support for this name. California and earthquakes go hand in hand, and the jagged cut through the A has a hint of the Chargers about it too. Let's take a look at the uniforms and see if this is a viable choice.

Aftershocks Uniforms

The gray and yellow is nice, though I much prefer the gray helmet of styles #1 and #2 over the yellow of style #3. #2 also has a touch of previous Chargers uniforms in it which isn't a bad thing. These are all viable choices as it turns out, making the Aftershocks one of the better relocation options in the game.

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Another popular choice, and another logo that borrows the bolt from the Chargers. I'm not sure what San Diego ever had to do with Crusades, but the logo is great. What do the uniform options have in store?

Crusaders Uniforms

The black and yellow is Pittsburgh's thing, but these uniform choices all work. They are fairly understated with the black helmets, but the yellow pants also help the whole look stand out. The road uniforms are a little simple, but that's not always a bad thing.

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Red Dragons

They have the least fan support of any choice, but they are still well thought of. There are no dragons in the NFL, so adding one certainly inspires some strong images thanks to Game of Thrones!

Red Dragons Uniforms

Unfortunately, the uniform designs don't inspire much at all. The gray really mutes the power of the red, and style #2 is really quite ugly. This is definitely the weakest choice of the three San Diego options.

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