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Madden 20: San Diego relocation uniforms and team logos

With the Rams leaving St. Louis for the massive market of Los Angeles and the Chargers moving up the coast from San Diego to join them, it seems relocating is all the rage in the NFL right now. You too can move your favorite NFL team in Madden 20’s Franchise Mode.

Here is everything you need to know about bringing football back to San Diego.

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San Diego stats

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Fan interest: 4/6

Market size: Average


Personality: Laid back

There is a lot of interest in a team coming to San Diego, but the presence of two teams just north of the city in Los Angeles does limit the size of the market you are jumping into. Still, the fans there lost their team and are keen for a new one. Throw in the fact that San Diego is a really nice place to live and it seems like an easy fit.

You can choose between the Aftershocks, the Crusaders, and the Red Dragons.

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