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Madden 20: Memphis relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

Madden 20 allows owners to relocate their franchise to several cities around the world.

This is thanks to the recent flurry of moves the NFL has experienced in recent years. It started when the Rams decided to head west to Los Angeles for a new stadium. The Chargers then opted to head up the coast and join them in the venture, while the Raiders announced a move to the Nevada desert and the bright lights of Las Vegas.

One of the cities Madden 20 will allow you to move to is Memphis, where you will join an NBA team and become state rivals with the Titans.


Here is everything you need to know about moving to Memphis.

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Memphis stats

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Fan interest: 1/6


Market size: Small

Personality: Laid back

The Memphis market looks like a tough nut to crack. Tennessee already has the Titans down the road in Nashville, so the lack of fan interest isn’t all that surprising. It will be tough to sell out your new stadium whatever team livery you choose.

Your three choices for Memphis are the Hounds, the Egyptians, and the Steamers.

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