Madden 20: Houston relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

Feel like challenging the Texans in their own back yard? You can move your franchise to Houston.

Relocation is a hot topic in NFL right now.

Several teams have made a move with The Rams trading St. Louis for LA, The Chargers moving up the coast from San Diego to join them, and then the Raiders made a move for Las Vegas. Now you too can move your favorite NFL franchise in Madden 20’s Franchise Mode.

Here is everything you need to know about moving your team to Houston.

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Houston stats

Fan interest: 4/6

Market size: Huge

Personality: Loyal

Even with the Texans in town, the state of Texas can’t have its thirst for football quenched. The fans want a team, the market can more than handle one, and the fans will be loyal even if you struggle out of the gate.

You have a choice between the Voyagers, the Gunners, and the Oilers.

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Houston has a strong link with NASA and the American space project, but that doesn't make this a good name. Still, the logo is OK and the colors look promising, but the fans aren't so sure.

Voyagers Uniforms

The gray, blue, and yellow is nice, though I'm not so sure about the gray pants of the home uniforms. Still, this is a colorful ensemble that I'm sure people will like.

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Not much fan support for the Gunners either. Maybe that's because it's a name with little connection to Houston, maybe that's because the logo is a bit lazy. Either way, this isn't a great option.

Gunners Uniforms

These uniform options have an air of New England Patriots throwbacks and alternates about them. The red and blue really stands out thanks to the gray pants, but at the same time they lack a certain something. A bit of heritage...

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The Houston Oilers left town in 1996, and you can bring them back. I'm stunned that this doesn't have maximum fan support, but the chance to revive them is surely too tempting.

Oilers Uniforms

Style #3 is the classic Oilers style, which we love. Powder blue and white is a strong look. If you want to use one of the updated looks that's fine, but why bring the Oilers back to just mess with their look?

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