Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Tuesday Night Draft Set Guide

Madden 17 Ultimate Team has lots of perks, one being its Sets and their trading card-esque feel. Here is a guide to just one of them: Tuesday Night Draft Set

by Remy Cabache

EA Sports are currently at the top of the sports game ladder thanks to their coverage of most major sports and the things they offer in all of those games. One of those things is Ultimate Team and it is probably the most played mode across EA Sports games.

It is popular for many reasons and one of the main ones is its trading card game/fantasy feel. It allows you to build your own team with any players from any teams and it is all done in the format of trading cards. You can even choose your own stadium, uniforms, tactics and coaches.

One thing they have in Madden to enhance the trading card feel is Sets. Sets allow you to trade your excess items for exclusive content and there are currently 14 different Sets in Madden 17.

Here is a guide to just one of them, the Tuesday Night Draft Set.

The Tuesday Night Draft Set is based on one of the Ultimate Team game modes: Draft Champions. Draft Champions is a game mode that uses the same players and coaches as Ultimate Team, but your team is formed after a 15 round draft, with you getting the choice of one of three players each round to improve a base team that you are given. After constructing your team you play a set number of games – depending on whether you’re playing against the CPU, Head to Head or Ranked Head to Head. Each mode only allows you a certain number of losses and you are knocked out if you get that many losses.

Once you have been knocked out or won your Draft Champions event you will get rewards based upon your performance:

Draft Champions Ranked

Madden NFL 17 19

Head to Head Drafts

Madden NFL 17 18

Solo Drafts

Madden NFL 17 23

Now, on Tuesday Night’s that changes a little and that is when you get the chance to get items to fill this Set.

Anytime that you draft a team on Tuesday Night’s your rewards are as follows:

Madden NFL 17 21

So, what do you do with the TND Badges? They go towards one of 4 Sub-Sets.

  • Elite Tuesday Night Hero

Add 6 Elite TND Badges to earn 1 Elite Tuesday Night Hero (Auctionable)

  • No-Transfer Tuesday Night Hero

Add 1 Elite TND Badge to earn 1 non-transferable Elite Tuesday Night Hero (Not Auctionable/Tradeable)

  • Gold Tuesday Night Hero

Add 3 Gold TND Badges to earn 1 Gold Tuesday night Hero (Auctionable)

  • Elite TND Badge

Add 5 Gold TND Badges to earn 1 Elite TND Badge

What I like about this Set is that it is still possible to complete any of the Sub-Sets if you do not like paying online, unlike the Master Set. Yes, you will need to win 30 Solo Drafts on Tuesdays only to complete the best Sub-Set but it is possible, especially if Draft Champions is your primary game mode on Madden.

What do you think about this Set? Let us know in the comments!

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Remy Cabache