Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Team Heroes Set Guide

Madden 17 Ultimate Team has lots of perks, one being its Sets and their trading card-esque feel. Here is a guide to just one of them: Team Heroes.

by Remy Cabache

*Updated 2nd December*

Ultimate Team is possibly the biggest game mode on Madden, but what makes it what it is? Part of it is the Solo Challenges, another part is the team building aspect but one of my favorite parts are the Sets.

Sets are the best way and sometimes the only way to get special edition items and they are a pretty good way to get rid of excess items, unless you want immediate coins, in which case just sell them.

But, back to the sets. As they are such a big part of Ultimate Team I thought I would give you all a rundown on all the different sets, telling you what you’re going to need to complete it, how to get those things and what you’re going to get from that set.

So, to kick things off let’s go with one of the easier sets to fill up, the Team Heroes Set.

What I like about this set is its mixture of high reward yet with relatively easy completion, but don’t get me wrong, easy doesn’t mean quick or cheap, it’s just simple.

Within the Set there are currently 36 Sub-Sets (one will be added monthly). There is one Sub-Set dedicated to each team, making up 32 of the Sub-Sets, and then there is a ‘Man of the Month’ (MOTM) Sub-Set, this will be the one that is added monthly, and there are currently four.

The idea of this set is that you trade a mixture of one team’s players for an Elite player from that team. Currently, to complete it a team-specific Sub-Set, you’re going to need 40 of that teams players; 10 Bronze, 10 Silver and 20 Gold. They can be any players, you could add 10 of the same Bronze level player if you so wish.

Here is the complete list of the current Team Heroes (all players are 88 OVR):

You may be thinking “40 players for 1?! That isn’t worth it!” You’re not completely wrong, it is a steep price for one player who is only slightly better than some of the players you have to add, especially considering you could sell the 35 players and likely get enough Coins to buy a better reward. But, you’d be forgetting about the MOTM Collectible you’ll earn, which once you have collected enough of them, you can add them to a set that’ll currently give you a 92 Overall Von Miller, a 93 Overall Julio Jonesa 94 Overall Le’Veon Bell or a 95 Overall Kam Chancellor (you’ll need 32 MOTM Collectibles for Miller and 50 for Jones, Bell and Chancellor).

The main perk about this set is that it doesn’t actually require you to spend any Coins. As you play the game you will earn Packs, Pro Packs and reward packs for example,  and you can eventually earn enough players form these to put into these Sets. When you get a player you can add it to the set and just leave it there, waiting to amass the other necessary players. If you do want to buy players specifically for this set, it tends to average around 2000 Coins per player. 

One word of warning though; these Sets refresh monthly, so at the beginning of each month the reward player will change and a new MOTM will be added, but you cannot transfer your MOTM Collectibles from one MOTM Sub-Set to another. But don’t worry, if you have players in sets when they refresh, you will be given those players back.

To combat this, I have a strategy for you all to try. Each month, try to complete the team Sub-Sets that give you the players you want/need the most. For example, you may need a right tackle, wide receiver and cornerback, well then you could target Ja’Wuan James, Chris Conley and Brandon Carr. If you did this, you will only need players from those teams, but you’re obviously going to earn players from many different teams. As you are targeting a few specific teams you can sell all of the other players from irrelevant players, which could get you a lot of Coins. With those coins you can go out and get extra players from the relevant teams.

With this strategy, you could complete at least 2 or 3 of these sets a month, which will not only strengthen your team, but it will get you that many MOTM Collectibles. However, save your MOTM Collectible, do not add it to a MOTM Sub-Set just yet. If you do this throughout the year, you will have many MOTM Collectibles, but now you will have the choice of any of the MOTM Sub-Sets, meaning you won’t be wasting one of these Collectibles in a MOTM Sub-Set that you, in hind-sight, do not want to prioritise.

What’s more, this Set, excluding the MOTM Sub-Sets, is repeatable. Meaning you can earn the Team Hero as many times as you want. But, you would be better served saving the players for the next Team Hero.

That does it for this Set. What do you think of this set? Let us know in the comments!

Remy Cabache