Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Burn Badges Set Guide

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Ultimate Team is possibly the biggest game mode on Madden, but what makes it what it is? Part of it is the Solo Challenges, another part is the team building aspect but one of my favorite parts are the Sets.

Sets are the best way and sometimes the only way to get special edition items and they are a pretty good way to get rid of excess items, unless you want immediate coins, in which case just sell them.


As they are such a big part of Ultimate Team I thought I would give you all a rundown on all the different sets, telling you what you’re going to need to complete it, how to get those things and what you’re going to get from that set.

Next up is the Burn Badges Set.

This one is the exact reverse of the previous Set, the Earn Badges Set, and as you will have guessed its purpose is to use up your badges. There are 11 Sub-Sets in this Set.

Bronze Player Pack

This Sub-Set requires you to trade in 5 Bronze Badges in exchange for a Bronze Player Pack that’ll give you one Bronze Player.

Silver Player Pack

This one is exactly the same as the previous one, the only difference is that it gives you 1 Silver Player in exchange for 5 Silver Badges.


Gold Player Pack

You guessed it. 5 Gold Badges in exchange for 1 Gold Player.

Week 1: Elite Exchange

This Sub-Set is probably my favourite from this Set. If you trade in two Elite Players and 1 Elite Badge you’ll receive 1 Elite Player. You may be thinking, “Why would I give away so much for one player?!” Well, if you trade in the Elite Weekly Giveaway Players, once they’ve expired, you will earn an Elite player that you can actually use from items that were free and are now futile, so it can be good value.

Quicksell Pack (Expires 17th October)

This one is fairly simple but is a little risky. Trade in one Elite Badge for a Quicksell Pack that’ll contain a Quicksell item worth anything from 100 Coins to 1 million Coins.

Wheel of Contracts


Add 3 Bronze Badges and 2 Silver Badges to earn a Contract Pack worth up to 500 Contracts.

Gold Coaches

Trade in 2 of each quality Badge to earn a Gold Coach item that will have a scheme chemistry.

Flashback Badge

Add 5 Elite Badges to earn a Flashback Badge that goes towards the Flashback Sets.

NFL Veterans

Trade in 4 of each quality Badge in exchange for an 85 Overall or greater NFL Veteran Player.


Signature Players

Add 6 of each quality Badge in exchange for and NFL Signature Series Player of at least 87 Overall.

Badge Monster: Larry Fitzgerald

Add 20 Elite Badges to get a 91 Overall Larry Fitzgerald.

That’s it for this Set, which is really just a place for spare items, but it can definitely be useful, particularly the Wheel of Contracts Sub-Set or the Quicksell Pack.