Madden 21 Ultimate Team: MUT 21 Autumn Blast Promo Revealed - Master, Aces, All-Stars, LTDs, Sets, Fallen Leaves & more

Madden 21 Ultimate Team's next big promo will be its Thanksgiving event, Autumn Blast.

The details for Autumn Blast have just been revealed by EA's Good Morning Madden stream - so let's dive right into what we learned!

Release Date

Autumn Blast will be going live on Monday, 16 November.

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There will be two phases of the Autumn Blast promo, and the second phase will go live on Friday, 20 November.


The Autumn Blast master for the first set of releases will be the massive 94 OVR Tony Romo!

Madden 21 Autumn Blast Tony Romo Hero
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SNIPER: Autumn Blast Tony Romo is incredibly accurate and a great QB for any MUT 21 squad

We expect he will be the highest rated player released in Autumn Blast as he was the face of the promo's reveal. But there could still be another big drop along with the Friday releases.

Autumn Aces

Autumn Aces will be the other most important players to pick up in the Madden 21 Autumn Blast promo.

The Autumn Aces are Allen Robinson II, Brandon Scherff, Fletcher Cox, and Patrick Peterson.

Madden 21 Upgradable Autumn Ace Fantasy Pack
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CHOOSE YOUR PATH: Each Autumn Ace brings plenty to the table

These players will start at 80 OVR, but you can upgrade them all the way to 92 OVR.

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You can choose your Autumn Ace from an Upgradable Ace Fantasy Pack, and then travel the country to pick up Feast Food to upgrade them.

Madden 21 Autumn Aces Feast Food Upgrades Challenges
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ON TOUR: Travel the country to earn Feast Food to upgrade your Autumn Ace

These challenges will also earn you Fallen Leaves, the currency for Madden 21 Autumn Blast.

These are what your Autumn Ace's will look like when fully upgraded:

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Autumn Blast Fletcher Cox Autumn Ace
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Madden 21 Autumn Ace Brandon Scherff
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Madden 21 Allen Robinson II Autumn Blast Aces
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Madden 21 Ultimate Team Patrick Peterson Autumn Blast
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Autumn All-Stars

While the Autumn Aces can be leveled up to 92 OVR, Autumn All-Stars get a head start as NAT 91 OVRs!

The Autumn All-Stars will also have the chance to upgrade to 92 OVR if they reach one of their milestones in their Thanksgiving Day NFL games.

The Madden 21 Autumn All-Stars are: Deshaun Watson, Desmond Trufont, Eric Ebron, Kendall Fuller, Jaylon Smith, and Marquise Brown.

Madden 21 Autumn All Stars Deshaun Watson
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Madden 21 Autumn All Star Desmond Trufont
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Madden 21 Autumn All Star Eric Ebron
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Madden 21 Autumn All Star Kendall Fuller
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Madden 21 Autumn All Stars Jaylon Smith
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Madden 21 Autumn All Star Marquise Brown
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The Autumn Blast promo will feature a few MUT 21 LTDs for players fast enough to grab them up.

Madden 21 Autumn Blast LTD Harrison Smith
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HARD HITTER: LTD Harrison Smith can wear opponents out on MUT 21

The first LTD which will be the only one released on day one of Autumn blast will be Harrison Smith.


For these cards, the Madden 21 Autumn Blast promo is filled with sets.

Madden 21 Autumn Blast Tony Romo Set Aces
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END GOALS: The most elite Madden 21 Ultimate Team players will be able to unlock the 94 OVR Tony Romo

The first set that all MUT 21 players will want to complete is exchanging all of the upgraded Autumn Aces for the 94 Ovr Autumn Blast master Tony Romo.

Madden 21 Autumn Blast sets Grannys Recipes
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ROLL THE DICE: Granny's Recipe will earn you a random NAT Autumn Blast player

Outside of this, there will also be the Granny's Recipe set, which gives a chance at a random Autumn Blast player.

Fallen Leaves

The Autumn Blast promo will run largely on its special currency, Fallen Leaves.

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Fallen Leaves can be earned through Autumn Blast challenges. You can use Fallen Leaves to pick up Upgradable Aces Fantasy Packs, Autumn All-Star Fantasy Packs, and more.


There will be plenty of Elites and Golds in the MUT 21 Autumn Blast event.

Madden 21 Autumn Blast Elites and Golds
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These players aren't the most important, but they'll be great upgrades to lower level MUT teams. They will also make great additions to theme teams.

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