Madden 21 November Title Update: New changes revealed on Good Morning Madden - QB slide changed again, fixed dropped interceptions & more

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Madden 21 has been constantly tweaked by EA since its launch.

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Ready for its monthly update, the November patch could be a large scale edit to gameplay and more.

Sneak Preview Updates On Good Morning Madden


There's no doubt a lot of players will be rejoicing at some of these fixes.

They are focused on the gameplay and the issues that cause people to get angry are being targeted.

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Dropped interceptions and dropped passes when wide open can drive players insane, so it's good to see that getting some attention.

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Seeing outside zone and stretch plays being reduced in power will also make a positive difference to the game for many fans.


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It's interesting to see the QB slide buttons change again. This is something that EA have tinkered with this year after getting a lot of feedback around issues to do with timing.

No doubt some players won't see the update and learn the hard way once more.

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The rest of the updates seem to be about general stability.


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There have been a lot of bugs in the game since launch, so whilst these aren't always the things fans call for they are definitely needed.

When Can We Expect the Patch?

The update is due to drop at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT on Xbox and PlayStation on Thursday 5th November.

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It could be a sizeable update so factor some time in before planning some games!


Is There Anything On Franchise?

So far there hasn't been any word on when we can expect the franchise updates that have been promised.

They are risking the fans getting annoyed at having wait even longer.

We will keep you updated should there be anything included.

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