Madden 21: New York Jets Theme Team MUT 21 Guide - Kevin Mawae, Avery Williamson, Marcus Maye, Frank Gore & more

Madden 21 Ultimate Team opens the door for many theme team possibilities - and players chase these to create their favorite all-time lineups.

With that in mind, let's go over one of the harder MUT 21 theme teams, the New York Jets, and some important players to pick up.

Jets Theme Team

Theme teams in MUT 21 keep things interesting, and the Jets are the ultimate challenge that will be motivating for anyone who finds these things too easy.

The Jets don't have a great mix of current and historic talent and possibly have the worst theme team lineup potential in Madden 21!

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That said, for players that put together a Jets Theme Team in Madden 21, there are some pickups you can't miss.

The Most Important Pieces

The star of any Jets team, has to be 92 OVR Kevin Mawae from the Legends collection. He will be the center that starts all your play and gives your offense the protection its likely to need.

kevin mawae legends mut 21
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SCARY: The speed with the cover stats, oh and 90 hit power!

You'll probably need to run the ball a lot so try to get 89 OVR Frank Gore from Veterans collection to pound the rock.

The most promising current player joins Mawae on the offensive line in 87 OVR Mekhi Becton from Most Feared. Further help on the line comes from 81 OVR George Fant from Ultimate Kickoff but this is some drop in ability compared to other theme teams!

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For QB, you are a bit limited, but 84 OVR Sam Darnold from Team Builders looks like the best of a bad bunch.

Luckily, the Jets defense has some better options and depth.

Despite the fact he has since left, you can start with 91 OVR Avery Williamson from Limited Edition as your MLB that's going to lead this side of the ball.

avery williamson ltd mut21
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USE HIM: He might have moved on, but you can use him in MUT

Put some existing talent around him with 89 OVR Marcus Maye from Team Standouts and 88 OVR Pierre Desir from Team Builders in the secondary.

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There's virtually no chance of a Team of the Week player but you can round off the defense with Legends safety, 86 OVR Ronnie Lott and Team Diamonds 86 OVR Mo Lewis.

Filling in the Rest

With the currently released Madden 21 Ultimate Team programs, these are the biggest and most valuable weapons for your Jets theme team.

jets madden 21
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BAD: Jets are so bad EA don't use them much for promo shots...

But to bring your team onto the gridiron, you'll have to fill it out.

Most of the players currently available for this theme team will fit the bill around 80-83 OVR outside of these top-level standout stars.

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If you can't get all of the top tier options, don't stress, simply fill in with the best cheap options.

The process of building a MUT theme team goes for a long time. This is because teams are constantly growing as new players are released. This means your Jets Theme Team will likely be a work in progress for its entire lifespan.

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In the meantime, you can take people out with the most legendary players to ever touch the gridiron in the green and white.

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