Madden 21: New England Patriots Theme Team MUT 21 Guide - Richard Seymour, Asante Samuel, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady & more

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Madden 21 Ultimate Team opens the door for many theme team possibilities - and players chase it to create their favorite all-time lineups.

With that in mind, let's go over one of the most popular MUT 21 theme teams, the New England Patriots, and some important players to pick up.

Patriots Theme Team

Theme teams in MUT 21 keep things interesting, and the Patriots are a very popular franchise with great potential for it.

The Patriots have such a rich history so there are so many top players that can be used for a fantastic Ultimate Team theme lineup in Madden 21 and beyond.

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For players that put together a Patriots Theme Team in Madden 21, there are some pickups you can't miss.

The Most Important Pieces

For starters, the best player comes from the Legends collection. Get your hands on the 90 OVR Richard Seymour.

richard seymour legends mut
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DEFENSIVE MONSTER: Seymour can play anywhere on the line

Team him up on defense with the 90 OVR Asante Samuel available from Team Diamonds collection. Round off the defense with an 88 OVR Stephon Gilmore from Core Elite.

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On the offensive side of the ball, a 93 OVR John Hannah was just added. While guard isn't the sexiest position he can really help you run the ball. You can rely on 89 OVR Julian Edelman from Team Standouts to keep the chains moving too.

cma newton m21 1
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NO NEWTON?: Based on his current play its unlikely we see a top Newton card

To finish the team you want an absolute superstar.

Remember, power-up items can be used for players who have played at the team previously.

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So despite being a Tampa Bay Buccaneers player, the 84 OVR Tom Brady card from the Core Elite collection can be used with a Patriots theme team.

tom brady core elite mut
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SHORT LIVED: Jackson only had a couple of seasons but lit the league up

Protect him on the OL with the Superstar MVPs card for 86 OVR Joe Thuney.

Filling in the Rest

With the currently released Madden 21 Ultimate Team programs, these are the biggest and most valuable weapons for your Patriots theme team.

gilmore madden 20
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LAST YEARS DEFENSIVE MVP: Gilmore can play a big role in this theme team

But to bring your team onto the gridiron, you'll have to fill it out.

Most of the players currently available for this theme team will fit the bill around 80-83 OVR outside of these top-level standout stars.

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If you can't get all of the top tier options, don't stress, simply fill in with the best cheap options.


The process of building a MUT theme team goes for a long time, constantly growing as new players are released. This means your Patriots Theme Team will likely be a work in progress for its entire lifespan.

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In the meantime, you can take people out with the most legendary players to ever touch the gridiron in Boston.

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