Madden 21 Most Feared: Scary Strong revealed - Masters, Heroes, House Rules & more

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After a weekend of sweating Turnover Terror and grinding out solos for Scary Sharp, the next part of Most Feared is here.

Scary Strong has arrived.

Scary Strong out now

We were thinking it might drop later in the week, but EA has announced that Scary Strong has officially hit Madden 21.

Let's look at what cards are coming into the game.

Scary Strong Masters

Just like Scary Sharp, there are two 92 OVR Masters for Scary Strong.

One is a clear choice, the other is a little left field.

Aaron Donald is getting a beastly 92 OVR Master.

Aaron donald scary strong most feared
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ALL DAY: Aaron Donald will crush everyone

With 93 strength, 92 power move, 92 block shed, and 90 finesse move Donald will be an unstoppable force on the field.

Jim Brown is getting the other 92 OVR.

jim brown scary strong most feared
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THROWBACK: Brown will be great, but he's not a fan favorite

The Browns icon Jim Brown is here with 90 speed, 91 trucking, and 91 break tackle. Good luck slowing him down.


If it's anything like Scary Sharp, you'll need two Heroes to unlock one of the Masters.

This time you're in the trenches with Quenton Nelson and DJ Reader.

quenton nelson scary strong most feared
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DJ Reader scary strong most feared
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Other cards

Other cards released include Landon Collins (87 OVR), Andy Janovich (87 OVR), Trai Turner (85 OVR), and Dexter Lawrence II (85 OVR).

This should all come with expansions of the solo challenges and hopefully a LTD card too!

House Rules - Trick or Treat


A new House Rules event is here!

Trick or Treat seems to be incentivizing trick plays as the rules give plus four on multi-passing TDs and plus one on first pass per play.

There is a minus two for TFLs though, so don't get sacked!

trick or treat house rules 1
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PICK YOUR POISON: It's high-risk, high-reward time

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