#ChallengeLando LIVE UPDATES: Start time, how to watch, who is racing, challenge format, livestream & more

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After the success of last week's Virtual Grand Prix Series, F1 returns to our screens with #ChallengeLando.

This event will see McLaren driver Lando Norris take on several challenges, including a race against fans!

After a strong showing at the Bahrain VirtualGP it will be tough to beat Norris, but he is by no means the quickest on F1 2019 despite his amazing sim setup!

Table of Contents

How did Lando get on! Check out below for all our Live updates!

Lando's thoughts - 21:45 GMT

Highlights include the first 3 races, 'can't win them all', and comes out of it with 5 points!

Congratulations to Lando for showcasing some seriously impressive driving and determination!

Congratulations to FelixF- ! Coming in 1st Place! Lando finished in 16th. 21:43 GMT

ALG14_V18 2nd

Yeetus-my-meatu... in 3rd

FelixF- currently in 1st Place, with Yeetus-my-meatu... in 3rd. 21:39 GMT

Lando suffered heavily from spinning out, but players are fiercely competing.

Lando spins out! 21:34 GMT

Advice from 'Engineers' to blame! Lando says they've 'completely' let him down.

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REACTIONS: Team engineers under fire on Twitter

Lando in 4th! But sliding everywhere! 21:33 GMT

Points may be awarded to drifting...

Lando gains a few places after driver spins out, currently in 11th! - 21:30 GMT

Lando says he's good in the rain - 'I'm quick anyway!'

Lando still in 16th place, and now RAIN is coming! - 21:28 GMT

Other drivers on the track answered the call to race Lando and are delivering a great performance!

Lando in the wall! - 21:24 GMT

He's back on track, but in 16th place now.

Lando up to 14th Place, lap 3/13 - 21:24 GMT

Looking good and applying pressure.

Lando spins out! 21:19 GMT

Waiting for confirmation on nudge from behind, now in 18th place. Getting up to 16th now.

Get's the one point for getting into 8th within 2 laps. More points up for grabs.

Throwback challenge begins! 21:18 GMT

Lando in 8th place already!

Lando feeling the pressure with 1988 McLaren as he speaks with his boss LIVE! 21:14 GMT

Lando says he's going to win! Zak Brown says he'll be watching carefully!

4th Challenge incoming, Throwback challenge - 21:11 GMT

SUZUKA 1988 is the location for the throwback challenge.

Lando thoughts: 'This is one the periods that every driver would say they would want to drive a F1 car'

Lando WINS 3rd Challenge - 21:07 GMT

Eng says he forgot to change tires, and was feeling the pressure. Really enjoyed his experience and congratulates Lando. Great sportsmanship.

Lando says that he's happy so far! Pleased with his performance and now has a whopping 3 points.

Lando has the point at the moment - 21:04 GMT

Eng trying his best! Less than two minutes to go. Lando said he was 'shaking so much', made a few mistakes and 'just managed to get it.'

Still 0.3 seconds gap, will Lando do it? - 21.00 GMT

Lando is 0.3 seconds behind Philipp Eng - 20:57 GMT

He's pushing hard, serious focus so far and improving on lap time.

Philipp Eng admits to making a few mistakes in his first run - 20:56 GMT

Says he's having fun and thinks he's going to do better!

Lando and Philipp's only 0.5 seconds apart - 20.55 GMT

Lando makes a slight mistake however and skids out on his out lap.

Lando's benchmark time is 27.835 - 20.51 GMT

Eng starting his lap now. Looking good so far, 0.5 seconds faster than Lando at the moment.

3rd Challenge begins! 20:50 GMT

Lando starts his lap!

Next challenge 18 mins long, important to get into a 'rhythm' - 20.47 GMT

Philipp and Lando both say they're going to build into the race. Looks like they're both taking this very seriously. Lando admits that he's very fast...

'Lando's toughest challenge yet', Jack's money is on Philipp Eng this time!

Philipp's thoughts on Lando - 20:44 GMT

"Let's just race."

Philipp Eng next challenger! 20:42 GMT

Philipp Eng is coming in loud and clear. Great sim racer and we're seeing his gaming setup - complete with mini fridge.

Challenge 3 coming up, special guest incoming - 20:41 GMT

Who's going to be the special guest to challenge Lando? Answers soon!

Lando wins after Dino crashes out of the race - 20:38 GMT

Hard fought by Dino, talented driver and sportsman! Lando currently standing at 2 points!

Getting super tight now, Lando defending! - 20:36 GMT

Beganovic crashes, trying to recover - 20:34 GMT

1.2 seconds back from Lando now. Says he hit some 'dirty air'.

End of lap 1, Lando feeling nervous - 20:33 GMT

Lando not in a talking mode, trying to concentrate hard as Beganovic is on his tail.

Challenge 2 begins! - 20:31 GMT

Lando in front, off to a great start so far.

Lando not underestimating Dino - 20:30 GMT

Lando is taking this challenge seriously, says he will have to work harder than his race with Poulter.

Jack's money is on LANDO.

Challenge No 2 - Head to Head challenge - 20:28 GMT

Young Pretender challenger - Dino Beganovic!

No head start this time, just a pure head to head battle. Dino has an extensive background/ experience - is now stepping up to Formula 4.

He's also part of the Ferrari Academy, and feeling great about the opportunity.

FIGHTING TALK - 'Let's see how it goes!'

First point to Lando! - 20.23 GMT

Poulter says Lando got lucky. He admits to 'choking' in the situation though.

Ian 'can't believe it' - 20:22 GMT

Poulter feels like an 'absolute muppet'

HUGE blunder by Ian - 20:20 GMT

Thought it was the line and stopped his car.

GAP CLOSES TO 11.3 seconds! - 20:19 GMT

Lando closing the gap - 20:16 GMT

Lando is laser focused - under 18 seconds now...

Lando feeling off the pace - 20:15 GMT

Says he needs to focus. Couple wheels in the gravel!

Green Light for Lando - 20:14 GMT

Tricky track - let's see how they get on!

Track choice Silverstone - 20:10 GMT

Track is just a stone's throw away from Poulter's home.

Close to the heart! Let's hope he can deliver!

Ian Poulter first challenger - 20:09 GMT

Says he's been putting in some serious work.


If he 'keeps it on the surface, he's got half a chance'

Schedule revealed - 20:07 GMT

20:10 GMT - challenge 1

20:25 GMT - challenge 2

8:40 GMT - challenge 3

21:15 GMT - challenge 4

Just five minutes to go - 19:55 GMT

2020 03 29 10
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HERE'S HOPING! On a few minutes left to go until the event

Fan are pumped up! - 19:50 GMT

2020 03 29 9
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Lando is ready - 19:40 GMT

2020 03 29 4
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FIGHTING WORDS! Fans will be preparing for what's to come too!

Race Format - 19:26 GMT

The first will be a Pro-Am challenge - it will be a five lap race against an amateur sim racing celebrity. Lando will have a handicap and have to catch up!

Next up will be a race against a young up-and-coming racer from the world of the junior formula. They will have to cut through a pack of AI drivers and see who can get furthest up the field.

Then it's a hot-lap qualifying challenge against a fellow pro racer!

Finally, Lando will get dropped into Suzuka with a group of fans and have to emulate Ayrton Senna's amazing recovery drive from 14th on the grid to win the race by a clear 13 seconds!

With every challenge Lando can score points, and his final total will then be the benchmark for future drivers to beat!

One hour to go! - 19:01 GMT

Just under an hour to go until we see McLaren driver Lando Norris take on several challenges which are sure to test his skills!

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ON YOUR MARKS: It's nearly time!

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