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Winners of GirlGamer Oradea Festival Head to Women's World Championship

Burger Flippers are the winners of the GirlGamer Oradea Festival 2022 European finals. Taking place in Romania, the event saw many teams fight for a space at the women's World championships.

The win of the event brought yet another achievement for females in the esports industry. However, many fans are wondering why there has not yet been a Game Changers based in Europe yet. Perhaps this is on the agenda.

Their win has now meant that they are confirmed for the GirlGamer world championships. But let's look at how they came to this win.

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How did Burger Flippers get the win in GirlGamer League of Legends event?

The grand final saw Burger Flippers dominate Grow Up Stars in a 2-1 victory. This means that they will have a spot at the GirlGamer World Championships which will happen later in the year.

League of Legends team roster

As stated before, the GirlGamer Oradea Festival 2022 is for all-female teams. This is to show more diverse groups of players who are typically underrepresented.

The roster for Burger Flippers is as follows:

  • Lizia (top, Italy)
  • Karina (jungle, Lithuania)
  • Tifa (mid, Germany)
  • Caltys (ADC, Sweden)
  • Colomblbl (support, France)

CaItys was awarded MVP as she showed strength and power throughout the games played. With the support from Colomblbl, they were a force to be reckoned with.

GirlGamer World Championship

Other regional tournaments are currently taking place to attend the World Championship for League of Legends. The winners of these will face off at the event.

GirlGamer World finals
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So far, there have not been any announcements about the prize pool. However, we do know that previous events had around $52,000 up for grabs.

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