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League Of Legends

09 Dec 2017

What does Rush bring to KT Rolster?

Former C9 jungler Lee "Rush" Yoon-jae has returned, and was signed by LCK powerhouse KT Rolster! 

Rush joins KT to fit alongside mid laner, Son "UcaL" Woo-hyeon, who has been the team’s practice partner for the entirety of the 2017 LCK Summer Split. The two will assume substitute positions in an effort to propel their team to new heights. 

But can they achieve KT’s dream of reaching another World Championship?

The North American Rush

It’s hard not to be excited about Rush.

During his time in North America, the Korean jungler captured everyone’s hearts with stunning showings on Lee Sin and Nidalee, and his personality on and off the Rift. His sharp mechanics allowed Rush to push the boundaries of competitive jungling, constantly bringing the fight to the enemy team with clutch plays and bold invades.