Tyler1 hits 400k+ viewers on Twitch

That’s right. Tyler1 finally had his first Twitch stream in nearly two years. And it couldn’t have been more glorious!

Within the first 30 minutes, the reformed Draven main hit 300,000 concurrent viewers. The number only kept going up until it breached the staggering 400,000-viewer mark. Just for reference, the first stream of the best LoL player in the world—SKT Faker—peaked at 245,000 concurrent viewers. 

So yeah, now you could legitimately claim that Tyler1 is a bigger deal than Faker. 


Keep in mind that the record high numbers were accompanied by a huge subscription train. Of course, by the end of the stream, viewership settled around the 80,000 mark, and we expect it to decrease once the novelty value wears off. That being said, this is a smashing success for someone that’s not been playing—or, well, broadcasting—League of Legends for so long. 

But what about the actual stream?

Well, we’ve already mentioned that Tyler1 has a singular trait that separates him from the usual Twitch crowd. He’s a damn good entertainer. Even during his worst days, he put on a show for his viewers. And being reformed certainly didn’t change that. For starters, he spent the entire broadcast in the Gladiator Draven cosplay, and of course, there was plenty of shouting and playmaking. 

One thing that was absent, though, was toxicity.

In fact, Tyler himself said that he no longer sees any point in intentionally feeding and that doing so turns the game into a waste of time for all parties involved. And while he admitted that he was guilty of ruining games in the past, he claimed that he was wrong and that his toxicity came from being immature and prone to tilt. 

So… reformed?

Of course, these sentiments didn’t stop players in his games from griefing. Surprisingly enough, Tyler1 encountered as many trolls on the enemy team as he did on his own. But he didn’t let that faze him, at least visibly. And considering that such a massive stream is bound to have a few Rioters watching, it’s not exactly a shocker that most of the trolls got banned

As for Tyler himself, he has a long way to go. His account is brand new, so he’s playing with Silver/Gold players at the moment. Judging from his win/loss record, he’s not going to stay at this level for long, but for now, Tyler1’s fans can enjoy watching their favorite streamer climb out of elo hell, and be a bit more mannered doing it.

What do you think about Tyler1 returning to the League of Legends scene and breaking viewer records? Share your opinion in the comments below!