25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

TSM: Doublelift, Biofrost, Svenskeren out; Mithy, Zven, MikeYeung in

The news that TSM have acquired the bot lane of Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen and Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez first surfaced in a Per Sources post by DeKay. The same source also foreshadowed Mike "MikeYeung" Yeung joining the North American team in place of the former jungler Svenskeren. And while we were apprehensive to believe these leaks at first, the rumor that Doublelift has already signed with Team Liquid seems to serve as a decent confirmation.

Things are about to change on TSM. But will they change for the better?

Signs of Improvement?


There’s no denying that TSM had a lot of problems this year.

Despite their domestic success, the NA LCS champions have once again failed to show up at Worlds. It’s fair to say that during that Doublelift and Svenskeren have been the most criticized Team SoloMid players of the tournament, so it makes sense to search for upgrades in the AD carry and jungle positions. 

In the first case, TSM certainly seem to have hit a home run. Zven and Mithy are the best Western bot lane on the market, and the fact that they became free agents was a godsend for Team SoloMid. That being said, we don’t expect Zven and Mithy to outperform Doublelift and Biofrost in a mechanical sense. 

Zven’s form is quite good, but Mithy can be hit-or-miss. Of course, this is mainly because Mithy does the bulk of shot calling, but Doublelift also performed a similar duty on TSM. Which brings us to the question of what exactly is the European duo adding to the North American lineup? The answer is simple: consistency. 

Neither Zven nor Mithy dramatically overshadow their predecessors when it comes to raw skill, but they rarely, if ever, perform below their level. And considering how everything tends to fall apart for TSM at World Championships, consistency is very much a priority.

In that regard, the other newcomer—MikeYeung—is something of a black sheep. Having played only a single NA LCS split as a part of the Phoenix1 roster, Mike pales in comparison to his new seasoned teammates. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s no secret that League of Legends teams function best when there’s a mix of veterans and rookies in their lineup. Veterans bring a sense of direction and leadership while rookies provide mechanical talent and the burning desire to win. 

Combine that with the fact this lineup is going to be directed by the former IMT head coach SSONG, and TSM have all the tools they need to have their international breakthrough.

Only time will tell if they actually manage to use them.

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