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The Udyr Rework: Everything We Know So Far in 2022

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Udyr League of Legends rework date is finally approaching after years of fans waiting. The announcement came out back in April's Champion Roadmap by Riot Games.

Players have been asking for this update for about a year and it seems that the developer team are coming up with a place where they feel happy to release it.

This rework is not only his abilities, but the iconic jungler will also be getting some graphic updates to him. As one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, it makes sense that he is receiving some TLC.

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What changes will happen to Udyr?

Riot Games have decided to rework Udyr's abilities and visuals. However, as Udyr has a very distinct playstyle, Riot will have to be careful not to lose the essence of the champion.

Udyr League of Legends rework
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Riot is very much aware of keeping his design similar. Luis “Riot Bloois” Aguas, the visual effect artist on the Udyr rework said...

"The intent was to give him a cleaner style, almost like that of a fighting game character in order to denote his melee combat abilities"

A key focus of his rework is also to make his stances very different from one another. This will help the enemies know what to expect when Udyr is sprinting toward them. All of his skins are also being reworked to make him more current.

Full details of the rework can be found here with an interview with the dev team for League of Legends.

When will the rework be released?

So far, there is no official information about a release date for his rework. The champion roadmap explained that he will get his rework after Nilah has been released.

Udyr from League of Legends
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As Riot devs are currently ironing out any creases in the rework, we can expect to see Udyr around August or September of 2022. However, this is not long to wait for those die-hard Udyr fans.

Fans have also voted for a Skarner VGU which will be released sometime after Udyr.

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