25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Origen is back: New members revealed

That's correct, xPeke has officially announced the rebuilding process for his team Origen: The European organization that found early success under this name, taking first place in their first ever split and playoffs, then even making the semi-finals at worlds.

The team subsequently (and slowly) puttered out into bottom-tierdom until disbanding altogether.

Only recently has the backdoor king been posting via twitter every player who is part of the new team which will likely compete in the EU LCS thanks, in great part, to Riot's move to franchise the league. Let's run through each player revealed thus far, and the star power behind this reunion tour.


Yes, THAT inSec.

The Korean jungler who revolutionized Lee-Sin play will be coming to Europe to provide Origen with a solid foundation in the jungle. It's unclear whether or not this was the best choice for Origen in terms of skill-based players or if it was just the best option to build hype around the team. 

What is known is that inSec certainly does the latter very well. Expect old timers and fair-weather fans to revisit xPeke's team for the jungler alone. 



Another Korean player, this time in the top lane. Expect is a top laner that Europe has felt the sting of in the past, and it looks like he's on the hunt for more EU silverware.

Expect's previous team, G2, managed an impressive first place finish in the EU playoffs in the summer split of 2017, with a lot of that success put on the shoulders of their top laner. 

If inSec wasn't a pick for pure talent, Expect 100% fills that role himself.  The top laner is one to be feared by opponents, and we'll see if that holds true next split.


The king is back.

Anivia Kid makes a return to EU after a non-competitive split, and a forey into NA.

The farm-centric mid laner has the mechanical dominance to keep up with his aforementioned teammates and can probably set himself ahead as one of the team's focal points. But it's too early to tell without having seen the players perform together.

Not to mention they only account for three of the five teammates, with the remaining two yet to be announced.  All of this means Origen already look incredibly exciting and they're going to make us wait for more information. 


I'm already sold and can't wait to see them in action this coming EU summer split and I haven't even seen all of the players. 

Until Enrique gives us more info, we'll have to make do with what we got. 

Let us know what you think of the new Origen roster and OG potentially returning to the EU LCS in the comments below!

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