Star Guardian Event 2022: Porter Robinson Releases New Single With Riot Games

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Porter Robinson has been working with Riot Games to bring a new single out. This is to celebrate the League of Legends Star guardian Event . "Everything Goes On" is sure to bring a new dimension to the event.

Star Guardian is Riot Games' tribute to the magical girl (mahō shōjo). An anime genre that empowers young women, shows the importance of good friends, and celebrates authentic representations of yourself. These are all values put across in the music of Porter.

So let's look at where to listen to the song and some more details about how it supports the Star guardian event.

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Star Guardian event in League of Legends

Today, Riot Games launched the Star Guardian event in "League of Legends", "League of Legends: Wild Rift", and "Legends of Runeterra". A 10-week magical experience that brings together players and anime fans with immersive in-game and out-of-game content.

Porter Robinson at Riot Games HQ
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The earlier Star Guardian events made League of Legends fans go crazy with all the added content and the cutesy style. This is why the return of it in 2022 is so popular right now.

Porter and Riot Games

Star Guardians' event will begin with the release of a new hit single by Porter Robinson. Robinson worked hard to write, produce and sing on the track and used emotional vocals to add depth to the event.

"Everything Goes On" tells a story about two star guardians who come to terms with loss. The lyrics will also look at the support from other star guardians as they move on as a group.

Porter Robinson with Riot Games
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Porter Robinson drew on well-known anime influences and culture which make him perfect for the anime-styled event. He stated why he loves the pairing of animation and music with...

"One of my favourite things in the world is the combination of music and animation. Something about a quick series of shots of beloved characters and these little slices of life in dramatic moments cut to emotionally intense music just gets me every time"

Porter Robinson hasn't just created the single though. Additionally, he has brought together a live orchestra, oversaw multiple studio sessions, and has been a contributor throughout each element with Riot.


Where to watch Porter's new single

“Everything Goes On” maximizes the player and listener experience in a way that highlights their own identity within the Star Guardian world.

Porter Robinson can be watched here on Youtube and can also be streamed through major streaming platforms.

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