25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Should Cloud9 start Jensen or Goldenglue in the Summer Finals?

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

Cloud9 face a dilemma going into the NA LCS Summer Finals, and not just that it's one of their last two chances at going to Worlds 2018.

Thankfully for fans, it's the best kind of dilemma there is: Choosing which top level mid laner to start.

Jensen has been no stranger to top 10 statistics and dominating the mid lane in his time in the NA LCS. But while he may be considered a legend, and the franchise face, summer saw Jensen start on the Cloud9 Academy roster multiple games, and play behind his former substitute Goldenglue several times as well. That's a pretty big change from running the show.

Goldenglue may very well be the biggest academy success story so far. He had a bad start to his NA LCS career, being one of the worst starting mid laners in the league during his time on Team Liquid. But he's quickly turned things around in 2018, and put in dominant performances across the 2018 Summer Split, even cementing his team's spot in the Summer Finals to begin with, playing the final 2 victories for Cloud9 in a 3-2 win over rivals TSM. He also has a thrashing of Team Liquid just 24 days ago as a feather in his cap.

So who should Cloud9 start in the Summer Finals?

First, let's take a closer look at their most recent performances against TSM.