25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Riot unbans Tyler1


Never had there been more interest in Riot's banning decisions than when news that Tyler1 was banned from the game had spread. Its not that bans were uncommon at the time, it's that Tyler1's ban was something most of us had never seen before.

An I.D. ban.

So what's an I.D. ban?

Well, to put it into basics, an I.D. ban is when someone is banned as a person from playing a game as apposed to a certain account from being allowed to play. 

When Riot announced that this standard was being applied to Tyler1, it was clear that their intent was more than just keeping a consistent punishment system across the board. The ban was more a move to disassociate Tyler1 from Riot and League of Legends entirely.

This sparked a lot of controversy in the League community as many began asking whether it was fair to indefinitely ban someone only because of their popularity. After all, there are people playing League right this second that are just as toxic as Tyler1 who, even in the event of a ban, are free to create or buy another account in a matter of seconds and are spared the I.D. ban purely because of the fact that they don't have the following of a popular streamer. 


Another topic of discussion fueled by the Tyler fire was one about reform. There were questions asked over Riot's decision to make the ban "indefinite" as opposed to either permanent or dated. 

Whether or not you agree with their methods, it was clear that the community was divided on the issue. Some thought that Tyler1 wouldn't reform and simply rage in greener pastures, others thought he would rise from the ashes as mannered. Some thought he shouldn't have been banned at all. 


On January 8th (this coming Monday for the lazy folk,) Tyler will be doing his first stream of League in almost two years. So get your Draven hats and popcorn ready. Watching the 6'5 geodude-head having pariah get ganked repeatedly whilst perpetually on the verge of flaming any and everyone around him is going to be the greatest thing you've seen on the Rift, and could only be topped by seeing him beat all expectations and finally ascend to be a positive player for the community.

We know where our bet is.

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