Preseason Season 13 Jungle Changes are a Worrying Direction for League of Legends

Preseason 13

Preseason 13

I've only been playing League of Legends for about 3 years. I know, I'm a baby. But even since, then the game has quickly become more and more simplified, and easier for players that don't take the game seriously.

Now that's great, up to a point. League needs to be accessible for casual players, because they make up a large portion of the fan base. But when it becomes too simple, veteran players suffer, and even more, frequent casual players do too.

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Season 13 Jungle Skill Ceiling is Dropping Fast

I Jungled for the first time in a bling pick, after trying Khazix in an Aram and thinking, hey this might be fun. It wasn't. I'd never heard of Hunter's Machete and Talisman, and died almost immediately to red-buff.

I'll never forget that though, because all i wanted to do afterwards is learn how to jungle. It was complex, and interesting, and a completely different skill set to laning.

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Now though, the skill floor, and therefore ceiling, are being lowered for Season 13. New pathing recommendations and the ability to leash two camps being removed, mean that working this kind of thing out for yourself is far less rewarding.

Jungling Used to be a Rewarding Thing to Learn

If you're a viewer of pro games, you'll know that as is, even the pros are still refining their clearing and pathing. A slight advantage for one player on clear speed can win a game, so knowing exact leash distances and agrro is paramount.

Jungle Double Camp
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Visual indicators will also simplify the process, and undercut the players that have put the time in. Jungle pets aren't a huge problem, as it just seems to be a reworked smite vehicle, but otherwise, the direction looks bleak.

There will of course still be a skill to pathing, as pathing specifically for a lane is unlikely to be handed to you by the recommendation. But working out the best path for your champion will now be null and void.

As much as the argument is annoying, no one can blame veteran players from asking: What's next? Indicators to show when a lane will push? As you improve in League, your understanding of these mechanics does too, which is why the ranked system is in place. If Jungling is too easy, what's to reward its mastery?

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