25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Aatrox's new abilities revealed

Riot tweeted out a sweet little video showcasing the reworked Aatrox's new abilities and there has never been a rework that looked so different while still striking the same chord.

While we lack the exact details behind the abilities, we get to see them in action.

Let's jump right into it. 

Skillshots galore

There weren't any details given regarding which of the shown abilities are binded to which keys, so the following list is under the assumption they were shown in order, and will theorize what they fully entail.

But before that, it should be mentioned that all three of the abilities shown seem to be skillshots, with no obvious on-hit effects built into his non-ultimate abilities, though the assumption is that he does, in fact, still receive stat buffs from what is probably his R. 

It's a new world for The Darkin Blade.



The video, which you can view here if you want to follow along with visuals, opens with an Aatrox waddling along the top lane of the rift towards an enemy Yasuo. The first ability he sends out is an AoE effect with a range comparable to Darius's E and a width just larger than most champions. 

Just like Darius's E, it seems this first ability holds Aatrox still while he is using it (although he does manage to move later while using the ability in the video, but it seems unnatural and might be limited mobility with details not yet revealed by Riot), and the AoE effect, a slight knock up and damage application, only effects champions hit by the very tip of the ability, meaning timing is going to be a big part of becoming a good Aatrox player. 

It's worth mentioning that after Aatrox auto's Yasuo after his first ability is used on him, Yasuo has a heart or a shield symbol follow him around for the rest of the fight. 

This could be a passive of Aatrox that inflicts grievous wounds or lowers an enemy's defenses somehow. It's not clear yet, but it's worth noting. 


Remember the first ability that we talked about all that time ago? Well imagine that ability and extend the range slightly and make it much, much more wide. Like, extremely wide.

There you have it.

There's not much else to say about this one, other than that Aatrox actually moves very slightly for the last few frames of the ability's animation. As it happens, he can move without restriction while using this one. Cheers. 


Team fighting with this ability looks like it will always put you in one of those make or break situations. Either you hit 2-3 champs with your little knock-ups, or you wif and lose that LP. 

The higher the skill-cap, the more rewarding a champion is to master, so it's nice to see Riot take their rework in this direction. 


Riot decided to showcase this third ability by demonstrating what happens when you play AD Carry in June of 2018 by sacrificing a poor little Kai'sa. 

Aatrox, before unleashing a barrage on his foe, summons a square around them. 

What does the square do? Where does it come from? Is the square an ADC? If so, will it be buffed?

I'm not sure.

What I am sure about is that Kai'sa was definitely trying to get out of it, but was pulled back by Aatrox's assumed Q, so that's likely another aspect of that ability.

Let's say that this AoE square probably does damage to all inside it and move on. Surprise us Riot.



Did I say I was revealing these abilities based on order of appearance? I lied. 

Aatrox had been executing his foes with a circular skill shot of doom through the entire video. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this ability, which looks very similar to his old Q, is his new R

This might be confusing to those of you who have seen Riot's video, because at the end of it Aatrox does a very "I just pressed R" thing and grows in size which is exactly what happens to my brain when I lose a solo queue match.

Most speculate that this is actually Aatrox's R, not his circular execute of doom. I would say, based on the teaser and this video, that the 'circle of skill shotting Kai'sa' is the true R, leaving the twitchy movement to be a passive that only applies when Aatrox is slashing all comers.

That's all for speculation on this end, stay tuned to RealSport for more news as details and numbers get released for the new Aatrox. For now, keep hitting the restart button on Riot's video and enjoy.