NA LCS Roster Moves: Flyquest announces 2018 roster

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The Flyquest entering 2018's Spring Split is unalike in almost every way but name from its predecessor. Whether that's a better thing remains to be seen. But while the team has picked up many new things, including a new logo, it picked up another piece that we've seen before.

Let's take a look at the new Flyquest, and their prospects for the 2018 Spring Split.


Flyquest's five

In the top lane, Flyquest have replaced Balls with former Immortals standout Flame, and that's a pretty big upgrade. Flame proved himself throughout 2017 as a monster that can be relied on. Shoring up one of Flyquest's biggest weaknesses is merely icing on the cake. 

In the jungle, Flyquest have replaced Moon with AnDa. Perhaps the most unique of Flyquest's newest acquisitions, AnDa has certainly been around the block of competitive League of Legends, despite lacking top level experience. And while the unique playstyle of Moon didn't exactly translate to a positive time for Flyquest in 2017, picking up a player that has yet to truly prove themselves on the main stage feels like just as much of a gamble. Formerly a pro top laner, this seems like a gigantic coin flip amongst of field of wildly talented free agents up for grabs. 

In the mid lane, Flyquest have replaced shot caller and nucleus Hai by putting the F-L-Y in Flyquest, signing former KT Rolster, Longzhu Gaming, and Gold Coin United midlaner Fly. In sheer talent, this move is probably an upgrade for Flyquest, but in potential communication problems and a loss of shot calling potential, you might say the change eventually breaks even. Fly is a dangerous weapon that this roster can hone to a deadly presence, but things are certainly going in a different direction with this change. And hey, with Flyquest's previous record, that's probably a good thing.


In the ad carry spot, Flyquest have their only returning member, Wildturtle. Late 2017 saw Wildturtle return to some of the playmaking ability that earned him his fame in his time on TSM. On a team that lost much more often than it won, Wildturtle was a constant source of strength, it's probably why the team has brought him back for 2018 to fire some more missles. Wildturtle may still have some doubters in North America, but his upside rivals that of much of the free agent market talent pool, and Flyquest are keen on continuing their work with the prodigy.

In the support spot, Flyquest have replaced LemonNation with Stunt. If AnDa's pickup doesn't take the cake for most unique, Stunt's probably does. With all of the support talent available on the free agent market, Flyquest have landed on Stunt, a player who has spent plenty of his career bouncing from bench to bench in the NA LCS. And while that's not terrible for any 22-year-old player, Flyquest could probably do better with its final starting roster slot. Stunt will have plenty to prove on the Rift in 2018, but his bot lane pairing with Wildturtle will be one to watch however it goes. 

Looking ahead

With the five that Flyquest have together to start their Spring Split 2018, we can expect some potential fireworks as these raw elements continue to join. But in terms of power, we can't help but notice that this team lines up quite poorly with some of the stars going other places.


We'll see if Flyquest see what others don't in 2018.

Let us know what you think about Flyquest's starting roster for the 2018 Spring Split in the comments below!