25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

NA LCS Roster Moves: 100 Thieves sign Cody Sun

Cody Sun has turned plenty of heads in his NA LCS time so far, and in joining 100 Thieves, it's likely we're going to see plenty more of it. 

You can read a more in-depth view of our view on 100 Thieves here, but for now, let's go ahead and review the major strengths of this roster and how Cody Sun completes this very deadly package. 

Tickets punched

100 Thieves will be making their NA LCS debut in the 2018 Spring Split, but you've seen its roster before.

In the top lane, 100 Thieves will have Dignitas All-Star Ssumday. Perhaps the best NA LCS top laner in 2017, Ssumday makes for quite an asset.

In the jungle, 100 Thieves will have former Cloud9 juggernaut Meteos. While Meteos hasn't been playing at the level he once was as of late, 100 Thieves trust that this great North American hope can return to his former glory. 


In the mid lane, 100 Thieves will have H2K monster and Phoenix1 standout Ryu. Though Ryu had a difficult 2017, he's shown the caliber of player he can be in the right home, and if any place is it for Ryu, 100 Thieves is the one. 

And in the bottome lane, 100 Thieves will be combining veteran highlight reel playmaker Aphromoo with the young prodigy Cody Sun

With the fifth piece to the puzzle in place, the future is clear. It spells out a top 3 finish for this debuting NA LCS organization. 

This talent roster alone is more than enough to justify positive outlook, but we also look to 100 Thieves coach and orchestrator Pr0lly as a rock behind this squad. He put the squad together himself, and the mastermind has his grand strategy in mind, now with the pieces on the board.

Things are looking up. 

A botlane for the ages

If Aphromoo and Cody Sun play to their potential, this bot lane pairing could be an absolute terror in North America. Cody Sun is fanastic and toeing the line and grinding out advantages, and with the shotcalling wisdom of veteran playmaker Aphromoo over his shoulder, the mechanically sound young carry can be even more devastating. 

Similar to Olleh, Aphromoo at his peak is searching out and executing play after play from the bottom lane. Cody Sun will be right back in his comfort zone, and once their synergy builds, 100 Thieves' bot lane are sure to be major presences in North America this Spring. 

Along with this deep team's other dangerous weapons, 100 Thieves has shaped up to be a terror in North America, and while we don't quite see it putting up a banner quite yet, prepare to see many wins for the Thieves. 

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