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LoLdle Splash August 16: Answers, Hints, Tips & More

LoLdle is the latest craze in the Riot Games community. Additionally, the League of Legends-themed wordle is beginning to gain popularity amongst players.

The web-based guessing game was inspired by Wordle. However, popularity for this game mode is still gaining and it looks like this version may even be bigger than the inspiration. What a way to educate and have fun!

So, let's take a look at the splash game mode for August 16 2022.

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What is the LoLdle Splash mode?

Splash game mode pretty much follows the formula of the other game modes. Players must guess which section of a splash is being displayed. This could be the basic champion splash or a skin line too.

LoLdle splash
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LoLdle Splash Hint for August 16

This champion was recently chosen to receive a full VGU. This champion's species have been long at war with the humans of Runeterra despite their life practically being endless. People of RUneterra believe that this is because this species uses telepathy to communicate. And humans cannot understand this, so see them as a threat. The mystery champion's quotes come from several films such as Toy Story and Men in Black.

Splash Answer for August 16

LoLdle splash answer
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The champion shown in the splash art today is Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard. The specific skin splash art is his Earthrune Skarner skin, a more nature-based version of the scorpion creature.

LoLdle Splash Tips

The game is fairly simple to play. There aren't many tips besides having some basic knowledge. Splash is one of the easier game modes out of the four. Looking at the shapes, colours and emblems can be key to figuring out the champion.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates for the splash game mode.

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