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LoLdle Classic August 16: Answers, Hints, Tips & More

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LoLdle is the latest trend with Riot Games fans and players. Additionally, the League of Legends-themed wordle is beginning to gain popularity amongst everyone.

The web-based guessing game was inspired by Wordle. However, popularity for this game mode is still gaining and it looks like this version may even be bigger than the inspiration. This is all within a few weeks since release as well. What a way to educate and have fun!

So, let's take a look at the splash game mode for August 16 2022.

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What is the LoLdle Classic mode?

Splash game mode pretty much follows the formula of the other game modes. Players must guess which section of a splash is being displayed. This could be the basic champion splash or a skin line too.

During the original design of this champion and their partner, the possibility of being a storm shaman and storm elemental was scrapped. The idea of being a vampire couple was also a possibility.

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LoLdle Classic Hint for August 15

This champion became ascended alongside their brother at the same time. Despite this similarity, the two do not get along. This champion may actually have immunity to Amumu because of their abilities associated with death. The mystery champion is also based around an Egyptian god who also has a theme of death.

Classic Answer for August 15

LoLdle classic answer
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Nasus, the Curator of the Sands is the champion in the classic mode today. We hope you guessed this one early because his late game is insane.

LoLdle Classic Tips

There aren't many tips available for the classic game mode. There are no correct champions to guess first. However, the first guess can provide some pretty good insight as to which champion it may be.

Thinking of more champions who fit the green boxes is a big help to speed up the process.

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